Thursday, January 19, 2023

Gower Farmer could face a six-year wait for a hip replacement

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Looking at one of their fields, he said he’s about a year into a possible two-year wait to see a surgeon, after which he could face a two to four-year wait for the surgery. In total, there could be a waiting period of more than six years.

“The biggest thing on my mind — I was such an independent person and I would do anything I had to do and I can’t.”

For his wife Emma, ​​with the help of their older son, much of the work on the farm now falls to her:

“When someone is in constant pain and you have a young family and a farm to run, it’s pretty frustrating.”

Later in the day we will get the latest picture of the number of people waiting for treatment like Andrew. The Welsh Government said it has invested £680million to transform planned care – paying for things like new equipment and staff to help.

Meanwhile, the Swansea Bay University Health Board, where Andrew will receive his treatment, is building three new operating rooms at Neath Port Talbot Hospital and making ten beds available at Morriston Hospital for the longest-waiting orthopedic patients as part of their plans to fill the backlog.

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