Saturday, June 25, 2022

Expert panel to discuss the true scale of the NHS crisis

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TThe NHS is in crisis. Thousands of patients wait more than 12 hours in the emergency room every week. More than two million people have now gone 18 weeks without treatment. Many hospitals are dilapidated and run down. Ambulances take hours to reach emergency calls. And social care remains crippled by paralysis, unable to adequately accommodate those returning to the community after treatment and surgery.

Many of these problems predate the pandemic but have been exacerbated by Covid, which has thrown the NHS into an unprecedented state of crisis over the past two years. Nurses, doctors and hospital staff have done their utmost in their response, but have been sidelined and many have been pushed out of the health service due to the sheer psychological toll of saving lives and fighting the pandemic.

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But the NHS does not exist and operates in isolation. The challenges it faces are both interconnected and shaped by broader societal pressures felt by many other sectors outside of healthcare. Times are difficult. The purses are tightened.

Looking ahead, the future of one of Britain’s most valuable assets is uncertain. What’s next?

How will the NHS reduce A&E wait times and reduce the size of its patient backlog? How can it maximize the money pumped through the healthcare system? Is there enough investment at all? How can the service regain the trust of patients who are increasingly dissatisfied with the services they receive? There is a lot to consider and overcome.

Join your host that of the independent Health Correspondent Rebecca Thomas as well as a panel with Senior News Correspondent Samuel Lovett and NHS experts to discuss all these issues and on Wednesday 13th July get to the heart of managing the crisis facing the National Health Service. The event begins at 6:30 p.m. and lasts one hour.

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