Thursday, December 2, 2021

The Sainsbury boss insists there will be plenty to eat this Christmas

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The Sainsbury’s boss has assured customers that despite the supply chain crisis, there will be “plenty of food” this Christmas.

Retailers recently warned that a global supply chain disruption from Covid-19 and a shortage of truck drivers are likely to hit the shelves of Christmas markets.

It is estimated that the UK is missing around 100,000 truck drivers and rising energy prices have also increased the cost of food production and logistics.

Farmers have also been forced to throw away an “unprecedented” amount of food because they have the staff to pick, process and deliver food.

In response to reports that stocks of celebratory favorites – including pigs in blankets and turkeys – were affected by the disruption, Sainsbury’s CEO Simon Roberts tried to reassure buyers that they were working “at full speed” to ensure that the shelves are well stocked.

Mr Roberts said, “I want to assure you that there will be plenty to eat and that we are confident that there will be a good alternative even if the exact product you are looking for is not available.”

He added: “Until Christmas Eve, stores will receive regular supplies and longer-lasting products such as Christmas cakes and puddings, mince pies, nuts and cranberry sauce are already available.”

The manager said he expected Sainsbury’s to sell more turkeys than ever this year, “but if you can’t wait for them to come on Nov.

It comes after poultry industry leaders warned that farmers will produce around 20 percent fewer turkeys this year due to the worsening labor shortage caused by Brexit.

The government extended a temporary visa system to allow foreign workers to occupy poultry production lines, but the British Poultry Council said the measure was too late to raise production to normal levels for this time of year.

Roberts added, “Fresh party food will hit stores by mid-November and by December 1st, shelves will be full of all your favorite fresh, festive items – from pigs in blankets to Christmas cheese.”

He concluded, “I hope this helps you plan for the holiday season. All of our colleagues and branch teams are ready to do whatever it takes to serve and support you safely in the coming weeks. “

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