Sunday, June 26, 2022

Spain was voted the cheapest holiday destination by UK tourists in the 2022 survey

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The pound will see the furthest appreciation in Turkey, while the US offers better value than many are expecting

Spain’s Costas received a 92 percent rating in the latest Post Office Travel Money survey, closely followed by the Canary Islands.

More British holidaymakers visit Spain than any other country and now its resorts have been rated as the best value for money out of 26 destinations worldwide.

Greece took third place, followed by Turkey and Portugal, the country with the lowest cost of living in Western and Southern Europe.

The pound’s plunge against holiday currencies over the past month, combined with the cost of living crisis, will force many Britons to consider how much they will be spending at their chosen destination before booking.

As Covid restrictions eased around the world, 53 percent of respondents said they were planning a trip abroad, compared to 43 percent in 2021.

Meanwhile, short breaks in the UK continue to be more expensive than comparable holidays on the continent, with families spending £1,400 more on a stay in the UK than on a holiday abroad in that six-month period, according to a study I.

Those planning a trip abroad can dodge typical low-cost Bulgaria (80 percent) and instead opt for Croatia, which scored 86 percent from those who had visited the Balkan nation.

Among long-haul destinations, Mexico and Thailand secured the first and second highest ratings, while Dubai and Scandinavia were at the bottom of the table.

Turkey also fared well in value terms and is in fact one of the few countries where the pound will expand further than it will in 2021. Britons exchanging £500 can expect to receive over 50 per cent more in lira.

Turkey’s Mamaris resort got the highest score in the Post Office Holiday Money Report in March this year, knocking out Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach from the first position.

Some places voted down in the rankings may offer better value for money than expected in 2022. British tourists, for example, will get more bang for their buck in Scandinavia this year as the pound is up 4.17 percent year-on-year against the Swedish krona (£22.42), 2.6 percent against the Norwegian krone and 1.6 percent against the Danish krone.

There is a striking difference in the perception of a destination as good value before and after a visit, the report finds.

Take Vietnam, which was rated 84 percent by those who hadn’t visited but only 59 percent by those who had made a trip to the Southeast Asian country.

Conversely, the US received only 61% of those who had not yet travelled, but 73% of those who had already been to the US.

Nick Boden, head of Post Office Travel Money, said while Brits are weighing the cost of flights and accommodation or package deals, “they need to watch what happens to sterling as it will make a sizeable difference to the overall cost of their holiday” .

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