Tuesday, August 9, 2022

PAY DAY I’m a benefits expert – how to claim £650 living allowance NOW with little-known gap

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MILLIONS of people are receiving extra cash to help with the cost of living crisis.


The first half of the £650 living cost payment will reach most people’s bank accounts before the end of the month.


The 8 million people who are eligible for assistance include those on Universal Credit and certain other means-tested benefits.


But nearly a million people could miss out on the money — and need to act fast to get it.


You cannot claim living expenses directly.


However, you can still claim one of the qualifying benefits – Pension Credit – which could then automatically net you the extra £650 in cash.


The pension loan is for low-income pensioners and supplements their state pension.


A benefits expert has explained how a “loophole” in the rules could give pensioners the cash boost.


Phil Agulnik is a director at titledto, an organization that helps people get the full benefits they qualify for.


He said: “It’s not too late for some older people to receive both parts of the £650 payment even if they haven’t claimed a pension credit yet.


“The rules say anyone who was eligible for pension credit as of the May 25 deadline can receive both parts of the cost of living payment, provided they are claimed before August 18 this year.


“That’s because you can request that an application for pension credit be retroactive for up to three months.”


To qualify for the first part of the living expenses cash worth £326 you must have used the eligible benefits between 26 April and 25 May.


If you apply for a retirement loan now and successfully receive it retrospectively, you are within the qualifying dates.


And any claim by August 18th too.


The Department for Works and Pensions (DWP) told The Sun that applications should be made by that date to ensure they can be processed before the three-month backdating deadline on August 25.



It’s also worth noting that payments are made in two installments, if you don’t get the first one, you can still get the second one.


Phil said: “For example, if you become eligible after May 25 because your circumstances have changed since that date, you will receive the second part of the living allowance.


“You’ll also get the second part of the living allowance if you apply after August 18, but this could mean missing out on a potential £326.


“Our message to people is: Don’t delay the review today!”

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