Tuesday, August 9, 2022

How the McDonalds and Burger King loyalty programs compare to other fast food rewards programs

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Consumers can save at a number of fast food outlets by downloading the restaurant’s rewards program app

MyMcDonald’s Rewards is following a pilot in the Northwest this year and will be open for sign-ups this week, while Burger King announced it will launch a new nationwide loyalty program beginning July 26.

Fast food chains McDonald’s and Burger King are launching rewards schemes in the UK, allowing customers to earn points that can be exchanged for groceries.

It joins the growing number of fast food rewards schemes available in the UK.

I takes a look at what else is available and how it compares to the new systems.

MyMcDonalds Rewards

Customers earn 100 points for every purchase they make through the fast-food giant’s app, with each cent equaling one point.

Earning 1,500 points allows guests to choose between menu items such as small fries, hash browns or a side salad, while 2,500 points allow for a free double cheeseburger or veggie deluxe, among other items.

Registrations for MyMcDonald’s Rewards are open today.

Customers can also choose to donate the cash equivalent of their points to BBC Children in Need, FareShare and Ronald McDonald House charities.

Those who sign up for MyMcDonald’s Rewards and order and pay through the McDonald’s app will automatically earn points.

Alternatively, customers can receive a one-time code, which is available in the “Code” section of the app at the start of their order at the drive-through, kiosk or counter.

The Burger King scheme

Burger King’s rewards program launches on July 26, with guests earning 10 points for every 10 points spent, which can be used to get more food.

You must place an order on the Burger King UK app or in store to start earning points.

Once accumulated, customers can generate a six-digit code within the app that can be presented at participating Burger King restaurants to claim menu items.

KFC Rewards

Consumers looking to save at KFC can download the app and receive exclusive offers and collect rewards.

Diners can scan the app and collect a stamp for every purchase over £3, or two stamps when they spend £15 or more. After collecting enough stamps, they can look forward to free side dishes, snacks or cash discounts.

If you register via the KFC app, you will immediately receive 3 stamps, which is enough for two free Hot Wings.

Subway Rewards

Subway also has an app where consumers can earn points for every purchase that can be exchanged for groceries.

It also runs promotions through the app that change regularly. Consumers can also order groceries through Subway Rewards.

Currently, 100 points can get you a free regular hot drink, 200 points can claim a free side of your choice, while 500 point users get a free 6-inch sub, flatbread, or salad.

1,000 points get you a free footlong.

Consumers earn ten points for every £1 they spend on orders.

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