Saturday, August 6, 2022

FUEL CUT Full list of supermarkets cutting petrol prices including Sainsbury’s and Tesco – how much will you save?

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WITH the supermarkets lowering the prices at the pumps, a new price war has begun.


We show how much each supermarket has reduced pump prices across the UK.


Asda was the first supermarket to cut the price of fuel – and is now 12p cheaper than the national average.


Drivers are now paying an average of 174p for unleaded and 185p for diesel at pumps – saving £5 per tank, according to the AA.


Last week the AA said it could lose £10 of the cost of filling a tank after the wholesale price of petrol fell.


Wholesale prices peaked at £1 a liter on June 1 but fell below 80p two weeks ago.


Supermarket bosses have been pressured to cut prices after criticism that drivers aren’t getting a fair deal.


Asda has reduced the price of unleaded petrol by 5 per cent and diesel by 3 per cent.


Drivers pay an average of 174 people per person for unleaded petrol and 185 people per person for diesel when filling up at Asda’s 323 stations.


Luke Bosdet, spokesman for AA fuel prices, said: “Asda’s price move is impressive, bringing the average UK price of petrol down by 10p a litre.


“That’s potentially a fiver off a tank for those filling up this weekend compared to the artificially high prices at too many large retail stations and in too many cities.”


You can find the nearest one to you using the supermarket’s gas station locator tool.


We reached out to Co-op and asked if they had any plans to lower fuel prices at their stations.


You can use apps like Fuel Genie to find gas stations near you.


Morrisons has confirmed it has reduced fuel costs at its stations. However, the chain won’t disclose the size of its cuts.


A Morrisons spokesman said: “We have been actively cutting petrol prices by several pence over the past few days, with a significant cut in most areas on Saturday.”


The supermarket chain has over 300 gas stations across the country.


Sainsbury’s cut its fuel prices by an average of 5p in line with Asda.


Fuel prices were lowered in two stages last week.


Victoria Newman, Sainsbury’s Head of Corporate Communications, said: “We aim to offer motorists excellent value for money and over the weekend we have reduced petrol and diesel prices at our forecourts. Our prices are local and competitive.”


Tesco recently reduced the price of petrol by 6.5p and the price of diesel by 4.5p.

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