Friday, August 5, 2022

BILLING ERRORS Half a million tenants could miss out on £400 in energy bills – are you affected?

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Half a million renters could miss out on a £400 living expenses payment due to a loophole sending cash to landlords.


The £400 energy bill rebate was announced by former Chancellor Rishi Sunak in May to help people cope with rising energy bills.


Families will start receiving money off their energy bills from October, with the rebate being given in six installments.


It comes as energy bills are set to soar to as much as £3,616 this winter.


Energy companies should manage and distribute the rebate directly to their customers.


But tenants whose energy bill is included in the rent or ancillary costs flat rate do not receive the energy discount directly.


Instead, they will be at the mercy of their landlord to pass the money on.


Because the person who pays the energy bill is the one who gets the refund.



You’ll have the same problem if you’re paying an “all-in” fee that includes your rent and utilities like water, energy, and Wi-Fi – you won’t be able to get your hands on the money.


Those who live in a parking garage and pay a parking fee to the property owner will not see the money either.


Tenant rights charity Shelter warned that there is no legal obligation for landlords to pass on this support.


“It is unfair that those on the extreme ends of this crisis could miss out on this much-needed support,” said Polly Neate, Managing Director of Shelter.


However, she explained that landlords are not allowed to charge tenants for the energy they use or make a profit off of it.


She said that could be the case if they pocket the government support and continue to charge the same rate for utilities.


If your landlord does this, they could be breaking the rules.


A spokesman for the National Residential Landlords Association (NEAT) also indicated that there will be instances where “billed” rents have been set without reflecting recent increases in costs.


This depends on whether your energy bills are included in your rent or utility bill.


All households with a household electricity connection in Great Britain are eligible for the discount.


They get a £66 rebate on their energy bills in October and November, increasing to £67 every month from December to March 2023.


The non-refundable rebate is granted monthly, regardless of whether consumers pay monthly, quarterly, or have an associated payment card.

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