Tuesday, October 26, 2021

APPY DAYS Universal Credit applicants will be able to apply for benefits via the app for the first time from next year

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BRITS, which claim Universal Credit and other benefits, will be able to apply for the first time via an app starting next year.


In addition to introducing an app, the government is changing the way you log into performance services through gov.uk.


The app is due to be launched at the end of next year and is intended to facilitate access to government services.


This includes applying for Universal Credit, but also free school meals and support for disabled family members.


Applicants can also use the app to update their Universal Credit accounts and see any changes to payments.


Currently, people need to log into the gov.uk website to apply for benefits. We have already explained how to apply for a universal loan.


In addition to the new app, the government is optimizing the gov.uk website so that the British only need to use one account and password to access various services.


Currently, gov.uk offers 191 ways to set up accounts with 44 different login methods.


All ministries – including the Ministry of Labor and Pensions – are involved in the development of the app.


Use of the app is optional and users can still use other methods, such as the gov.uk website, to access government services.


Work on the app has only just begun, so details on how it will work will not be released yet.


Duchy of Lancaster Chancellor Steve Barclay said yesterday: “It is now more important than ever that the government respond to people’s increased expectations of the services they use.


“During the pandemic, people had to interact with public services in a variety of new ways, including the NHS app and the vaccine booking service.”

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