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Zendaya isn’t the only Dancing With the Stars contestant who, despite her dominance, is a forgiving loser

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The best dance routine doesn’t always win Dancing with the stars. There were contestants who hit near-perfect runs and swept the judges, but still got sent home. That’s the nature of DWTS Elimination system that weighs the scores of both judges and spectators at home. An example of this is Zendaya’s infamous sacking from the show. She was arguably one of the best contestants to ever appear on the show. But she’s not the only one who feels unfairly eliminated and still handles it with grace.

When Zendaya and his partner Val Chmerkovskiy were eliminated in season 16 of Dancing with the stars In 2013, her fans were shocked. From the very first episode, the pair achieved near-perfect scores. Somehow that wasn’t enough to win everything.

The Things reports that Zendaya and Chmerkovskiy gave one of the best performances in the show’s history at this year’s finale. Her routine remains one of the fan favorites of the entire series DWTS. However, the nature of the show’s voting system — involving viewer participation — ended its run at the greatest moment.

The Mirror Ball Trophy went to country singer Kellie Pickler instead. While the votes are meant to reflect the will of viewers, there was clearly a split among many of the most vocal fans. To date, both are longtime DWTS Spectators and Zendaya’s fans insist she should have won. For Zendaya, she handled her exit graciously.

Simone Biles had another gracious, controversial exit from her season of DWTS. However, the superstar gymnast was always confident in front of the judges during her all-timer run.

The Olympic gold medalist was famously told to smile more and show emotion during her otherwise flawless routines. She reminded the judges that smiling doesn’t win gold and won them over with her confidence. But it didn’t save her from early elimination.

With four pairs remaining, Biles and partner Sasha Farber found themselves in the elimination half. When the audience vote went against the gymnast, the judges couldn’t hide their dismay, reports People. But Biles accepted her loss cleanly, congratulated her competition and vowed to return as a spectator the following week.

hunger games Actress Willow Shields was 14 years old when she took part in the 20th season of DWTS. She was the youngest contestant in the show’s history — and is still considered one of the best to this day. Unfortunately, she placed seventh overall, much lower than her run suggested.

Her first routine, a cha-cha-cha to “Lips Are Movin’, was her lowest score at 25. From then on it ran continuously to perfection. With partner Mark Ballas, she was quickly seen as the favorite to win it all.

Until she suddenly stopped doing it. The judges gave her a 9, 9, 9 and a 10 for her incredible performance in Week 7. Her jazz and salsa routines were all judges and many fans thought it would be an easy pass to the next round. But things didn’t go their way.

“I was shocked,” Shields told Hollywood Life. “In a way, it proves that dancing isn’t always what matters, because we got great scores from the judges.” On screen, however, viewers saw her accept defeat as any average contestant would, as she gave no indication of her inner turmoil.

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