Monday, October 25, 2021

Yvonne Wu: Jealous NYPD cop, 31, shoots ex-girlfriend and kills the woman’s new lover

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Yvonne, a 5 year old NYPD veteran, was hoping to revive her romance with her ex and seeing her with another lover made her angry

Off-duty police officer Yvonne Wu reportedly shot and killed her ex-girlfriend in a Brooklyn house on Oct. 13, sources with knowledge of the case. Yvonne Wu, 31, is a five-year police veteran who shot her ex, Jenny Li, 23, after arriving at the house to hang out with despite their recent separation. Police sources said on October 14th that Wu may have lost her temper after seeing Li with another woman.

The incident occurred around 5:00 p.m. at Li’s home on 19th Avenue near 79th Street in Bensonhurst, according to police and law enforcement agencies. Wu was waiting in front of the house when the police arrived, whereupon they admitted to having shot “someone” in the house. Wu was “calm and collected” when he admitted the crime, according to NYPD deputy chief Michael Kemper, who briefed the press on the matter on the evening of October 13th. Li’s neighbor spoke to the New York Post and revealed that Wu showed no emotion while speaking to the police in front of the house.


“She didn’t say anything,” said neighbor Rocco Perna, 44. “She was so quiet. No emotions, nothing. She was handcuffed and they put her in the car, that was it. She didn’t fight back or nothing” . Not a word said. “According to Kemper, police officers found Li’s lover Jamie Liang on the living room floor with at least one gunshot wound in the chest. Wu’s ex Li was found on the bedroom floor with a gunshot wound to the torso. Both victims were taken to Maimonides Medical Center, where Liang died. Li was admitted in a serious but stable condition, the police said. Wu was detained in a hospital after an investigation and the case is being treated as a murder.

“This terrible incident is being treated as a murder case,” said Kemper. Investigating authorities said Wu was already at Li’s house before her ex arrived with her new lover. It has not been established how Wu could have entered the house and detectives are trying to find out if she entered the property. The police arrived at the scene after an emergency call from the house. A source said a woman made the call and was heard saying, “No, please! No Please! Then four “bangs” were heard on the audio. They found a gun from the crime scene.

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