Sunday, June 26, 2022

‘Yumi’s Cells 2’: Jinyoung’s Kiss Gets Bambam’s Approval, GOT7 Fans Joke: ‘He Sucks Face’

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The GOT7 rapper celebrates Jinyoung’s K-drama in true Bambam fashion by making a meme of the kissing scene

With GOT7’s Bambam going all out with the memes while teasing Jinyoung in a wig in Season 1 of Yumi’s Cells, fans were all ready for his reaction to his group member’s kissing scene in Season 2. Yumi’s Cells is an ongoing K-drama starring Jinyoung who plays the male lead opposite Kim Go-eun from The Goblin and The King in Season 2. During GOT7’s comeback and Yumi’s Cells press tour, Jinyoung had finally debunked Bambam by revealing that he had never actually seen Jinyoung’s drama and had only seen the viral clips on social media.

Fans found it hilarious as Bambam even forgot the name of Jinyoung’s first Netflix movie Yaksha and poked fun at him saying that he only watches GOT7’s K-dramas when there is a kissing scene. This was evident when Bambam hyped Youngjae’s Netflix sitcom So Not Worth It, in which he kisses Minnie from (G)I-DLE. Now that Jinyoung has our screens boiling with his sensual smooching scene with Kim Go-eun in Yumi’s Cells 2, Bambam didn’t disappoint by memeing the kissing clip and tweeting it.

GOT7’s Bambam is called “brave” for making fun of Jinyoung’s role in “Yumi’s Cells.”

GOT7’s Bambam Celebrates Jinyoung’s Birthday With Memes, Fans Say ‘Bammie You’re The Best’

After the final episode of Yumi’s Cells 2, which includes Jinyoung and Go-eun kissing, Bambam edited it by adding The Next Episode meme song and stickers, and captioned it “Get it my.” boy @JINYOUNG. As if that wasn’t enough, GOT7 leader Jay B eventually liked the tweet as well. It went viral instantly, racking up 1.2 million views and leading to fans worldwide bouncing both Jinyoung and Bambam.

While South Korea is still fairly conservative with the usual K-drama kisses consisting of chaste kisses and fade-to-black, even kneading has become trending on the scene, as she comments like “no wait, that’s too good.” , “It’s f* *King Erotic F**k, why am I so upset about it? Shit, that’s crazy,” and “Ha, I just saw that on TV and my heart stopped.”

Bambam makes a meme of Jinyoung’s K-drama

One fan created a reaction meme: “@BamBam1A every time he sees got7’s kissing scene.” One joked, “BamBam we can’t defend you anymore.” Another Ahgase added, “Is it even Bambam when he dies.” One commented, “Jinyoung whenever Bambam tags him on Twitter.” Fans also found the difference between Bambam hyping the two seasons hilarious: “I CANT BREATHE THE DUALITY.”

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