Tuesday, January 24, 2023

‘Your love makes all the difference’: Priscilla Presley ‘touched’ by kind words after daughter Lisa Marie’s death

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MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE: Priscilla Presley tweeted on the night of Monday, January 23 to express her gratitude for all the well wishes and condolences she received following the tragic death of her daughter Lisa Marie Presley on Thursday, January 12 .January, has received. Thank you all for your condolences,” Priscilla wrote in her first post since Lisa Marie’s death. “You touched me with your words. It’s been a very difficult time, but knowing your love is out there makes a difference,” Priscilla added.

Just a day earlier, Priscilla delivered a eulogy at Lisa Marie’s memorial service, held on Sunday morning, January 22, at Graceland, the Presley family home in Memphis, Tennessee. Priscilla addressed the crowd that had gathered to offer her condolences by reading a letter and poem written by one of her grandchildren, which spoke of her love for their mother.


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“I’m going to read something my granddaughter wrote for all of you. And that says it all,” Priscilla shared, reading from her phone. “I have no idea how to put my mother into words. The truth is there are too many. Lisa Marie Presley was an icon, a role model, a superhero for people all over the world. But mom was my icon, my model, my superhero in more ways than one,” ET Online said.

“Even now I can’t get across everything there is to understand or know about her. But like she always said, ‘I’ll do my best,'” Priscilla read on before getting to the poem that bore the title. The Old Soul”. “In 1968 she entered our world, born fragile, tired yet strong. She was delicate but full of life. She always knew she would not be here for too long. Childhood passes with a look at her green eye. She “Then she started a family of her own. Then her second child came along, which made her suspicious. Could this be the angel taking me home? Priscilla read and fought back tears.

“Of course the time flew by. It was time for tragedy. She knew it was nearing the end. The fault of the survivors, some would say, but a broken heart was the cause of her death,” she continued. “Now she’s home where she always belonged, but my heart misses her love. She knew I loved her. I’m afraid I’ll never touch her. But the old soul is always with me. That says it all and thank you all for being here,” Priscilla concluded. “Our hearts are broken Lisa and we all love you.”

Lisa Marie was buried at Graceland with her son, her father Elvis Presley, and other family members including Vernon and Gladys, Elvis’ parents, and Minnie Mae, his grandmother. There is also a smaller memorial to Elvis’ identical twin brother, Jessie, who died in childbirth.

On Thursday, January 12, Lisa Marie went into cardiac arrest at her home in Calabasas, California and was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. Before she was taken to the hospital, paramedics attempted CPR to save her. But Lisa Marie died after suffering a second cardiac arrest.

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