Thursday, December 22, 2022

‘You just got out of jail’: Bobby Shmurda trolled as he warned NBA YoungBoy that he would ‘shoot’ him on camera

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Shmurda was arrested and charged with criminal gun possession in 2014 and released in 2021

Bobby Shmurda and NBA YoungBoy recently engaged in an online spat. On Sunday afternoon, November 27th, YoungBoy NBA took to his Instagram story to shout out to Shmurda as he wrote: “Ok Mr. ‘von shmurda’ you better stop the vilence boy! I thought you were a fan (laughing emoji) and not lie. Go and make a hit. I just want to be friends.” He followed that up with another post, in which he wrote, “Now talk violently. Help me keep the peace or just stay far away slave.”

Following the two posts on Instagram, the 23-year-old YoungBoy reached out to both Shmurda and rapper Rowdy Rebel, who went to Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion and spoke about King Von’s death, saying, “When King Von died, Lul said Tim n***a, he didn’t have to get out of the car right away and start squeezing. You already drew yours. His mind, away from the rift, went to kill. how did you go to kill How much hate do you have for killing that man? Was it the drugs? You had the upper hand, but you just nailed what you saw and said, “Yo chill.” You had the upper hand and you could have just said, ‘Yo, pull your nits up and get your buddy out of here.’ But you’ve already chosen the murder route.” While responding to the rappers, YoungBoy said, “I don’t even say that permed bitch name. N ****s only want to bring the top to the top. Say bruh man you n****s irrelevant and I said what I said bruh. You *** need a *** like me to keep you going. I don’t do nothing around that bitch *** Would you like another n***a to jump out of the truck and pretend and then get shot in the face? Man, you sound stupid, man. You n**** are dumb bro. “


Afterward, Shmurda, who was arrested and charged with criminal gun possession in 2014 and released in 2021 but remains under probation until February 23, 2026, started a live Instagram session and initially said he wasn’t doing it. this internet shit,” and went on to say he was making $100,000 a week and was “2-and-0 a year” while on probation. He later threatened YoungBoy and Dinero Jones, known as the Wack 100, shooting on camera. However, this didn’t sit well with fans, who later trolled him. One said, “Embarrassment to the black race.” Another wrote, “He just got out of jail he must miss it.” While another commented, he said: “It has to be deep fakery because there’s no way someone on parole would say that.”

Disbelief in what Shmurda said continued with one sentence: “This guy really talked about killing someone and diversifying into real estate in the same video.” On the other hand, one of many wrote: “It is like that weird how niggas try to lean on each other so hard and pretend to kill each other for pride and unwillingness to let shit go.”

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