Monday, November 29, 2021

“Yellowstone” season 4, episode 3: Beth delivers brilliant lines, fans call it “fire”

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Beth and her sharp tongue strike again, leaving the fans in Split

It’s Sunday night and ‘Yellowstone’ has returned with the third episode of the fourth season and my fans love it! In season 3, the duttons were assassinated, but all of them survived, as we saw in the premiere.

In episode 2, Beth (Kelly Reilly) brought Carter (Finn Little) home, much to Rip’s (Cole Hauser) dismay, but the boy may have left a dent in Rip’s heart as it reminds him of a younger version of himself. Fans absolutely loved the change and called it the new dysfunctional family. Read on to find out what happened to Beth and how the fans reacted.


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Beth Dutton is known for delivering some of the most iconic lines on ‘Yellowstone’ and may just have been added to the list tonight. In the third episode, the character spat brilliant lines in different situations and we absolutely loved it. At the beginning of the episode, she disagreed with her boyfriend Rip when he wanted Carter to work more but she wanted to go shopping with him. The lady silenced her husband and said “I love you but fuck you” when he said that she considered the boy her pet which made for a hilarious scene.

As a result, she also got into an argument with a person known as “Karen” by fans, who tried to disturb her and Carter while shopping. In a simple store setting, Beth delivered one of the crudest lines, “Lady, you crave trouble, you just don’t want resistance. And if you don’t want resistance here, just mind your business,” and then walked away smashes her cell phone. On the way back she was seen giving Carter life lessons and saying that there are only four ways to get rich – 1) inheritance, 2) stealing, 3) working really hard. When asked about the fourth, the character threw a curveball and said to the child, “Learn how to suck on a di ** as if you had lost your car key in it.” The line was unexpected, but quite in keeping with her character. And last but not least, at the end of a busy day, when Rip had a drink ready for her and asked if it was a night with a shot or two, she answered with a straight face: “It’s a way of pouring the bottle into a bucket of the day “.

Fans absolutely loved her lines tonight and went to Twitter to express their love for them. That’s how they reacted.

One of the tweets read: “” I love you. I’ll see you in the house. But fuck you. “~ Beth #YellowstoneTV”. Another viewer commented, “They’re on fire this season, another great opening scene. The best line goes to Beth: “Lady, you long for trouble, you just don’t want any resistance. And if you don’t want any resistance here, just mind your business. ”* #YellowstoneTV #tvshow”. A fan also said: “Beth’s lines tonight are #YellowstoneTV”.

Another tweet read, “… it’s a day that the bottle is poured into a bucket” is now my favorite quote from Beth Dutton #YellowstoneTV. “Commented on a fan,” You long for trouble, you just don’t want one Resistance. ”-Beth Dutton # YellowstoneTV Wow. What a line. “. One user also said,” Okay Miss Beth with life lessons. Learn how to suck one like you’ve lost your car key in it #YellowstoneTV @Yellowstone “.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 returns to the Paramount Channel with a new episode every Sunday at 8:00 p.m. EST.

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