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Yellowstone: Cole Hauser Hints at More Beth and Rip Flashbacks in Season 5

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Beth and Rip are one of the most popular couples in the world yellowstone. The pair have a complicated history that goes back well before the start of the series. Thank God, yellowstone fills in some of the gaps with flashbacks to the couple’s childhood. In Season 5, Cole Hauser stated the series would feature Beth and Rip as teenagers and young adults.

[Warning: Yellowstone Season 5 premiere spoilers ahead.]

In the two hours yellowstone In the season five premiere, Kylie Rogers and Kyle Red Silverstein return as young Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler. In the first flashback, Beth asks Rip out on a date the day before she goes to college.

They go to a bar in town and Beth flirts to convince the bartender to let her order a martini. This makes Rip uncomfortable. Beth and Rip get into a fight and he heads home. Back at the ranch, Beth returns with another man and kisses him in front of Rip.

In another flashback. Josh Lucas returned to his role as young John Dutton. This time, John encounters a construction crew spraying chemicals that kill his livestock.

John has Rip and another ranch hand destroy the crew’s equipment, then sprays the chemicals all over the construction manager’s house. They knock him out on the front lawn, and the man wakes up screaming, covered in the “EPA-approved” chemicals.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Cole Hauser teased what’s next for Beth and Rip In yellowstone Season 5. “It’s never really bliss, but it’s an interesting season in the sense that Taylor has written some really wonderful and heartfelt stuff,” said Hauser. “You see more of their past as young adults and teenagers and they did a great job with the actor and actress. You are phenomenal.”

Kylie Rogers, who plays young Beth, is an 18-year-old actress from Texas. She has appeared on a few other popular TV shows including CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Chicago PD, and Once upon a time in Wonderland.

Kyle Red Silverstein plays the young Rip Wheeler. The 20-year-old actor starred alongside Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in the Warner Brothers comedy Memorial Day. Mixed. He has also appeared in American Horror Stories, Black-ish, Grey’s Anatomyand a house.

Until now, yellowstone showed very meaningful flashbacks to Beth and Rip’s childhood. Rip came to work for John Dutton after his father killed his mother and brother. He killed his own father and John offered him a second chance in exchange for loyalty and hard work.

The series also commemorates the day Beth’s mother, Evelyn, died. She rode horses with young Beth and Kayce. Beth was nervous which caused her horse to startle the horse Evelyn was riding. Evelyn’s horse fell on her and crushed her. She died shortly after, and Beth never stopped blaming herself.

Finally, yellowstone Season 3 revealed why Beth hates Jamie. When they were teenagers, Rip got Beth pregnant and she asked Jamie for help. Jamie took her to a clinic that had to be sterilized for abortions.

However, Jamie felt he couldn’t take Beth to another clinic because word of the procedure would spread. He then agreed to have his sister sterilized without telling her.

New episodes of the 5th season of yellowstone Premiered Sunday night on Paramount Network.

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