Monday, November 29, 2021

‘Yellowjackets’ Episode 1: Was Misty a cannibal even before the horrific plane crash?

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As the pilot approaches, it is revealed that a herd of cannibals feast on human flesh and that the ringleader is Misty

Contains spoilers for ‘Yellowjackets’ Episode 1

The teen version of Misty (Sammy Hanratty) in ‘Yellowjackets’ was shown as a fangirl and absolute outsider. She was the one trying to adjust, but she just couldn’t. What she was experiencing was nothing new, but the final minutes of the episode revealed a dangerous side to her, possibly the result of all the snubs and abuse she had suffered during her teenage years. As the pilot approaches, a herd of cannibals is shown feeding on human flesh and the ringleader is exposed as Misty (the adult version played by Christina Ricci).

Misty is featured as part of the football team’s staff. She’s not a player, but as something of a coach’s assistant, she’s still considered one of those inexperienced teenagers who have no idea what to do. This is seen when one of the players, Allie (Pearl Amanda Dickson), is seriously injured during a scrimmage prior to the team’s trip to the Nationals. In the present day, Misty is shown as a nurse who tends to a sick woman, only to mistreat her when she refuses to eat her food.

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It turns out that even as an adult, she is considered an outcast. However, as one of the survivors, she seems to live her life as a nurse and cannibal seamlessly. As for the question of how she became a cannibal, it was probably because she was considered an outsider and was never welcomed into a group. The lack of relationships and support could have been a trigger, and that could have resulted in her likely forming a sect devouring the survivors who fought for their lives after the 1996 plane crash.

Much of this is pure speculation, but there is no doubt that Riccis Misty will play a key role as the survivors’ past haunts her. Only time will tell if she was actually responsible for the deaths during the crash.

‘Yellowjackets’ airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on Showtime.

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