Monday, August 8, 2022

YAZ’S PAIN Yazmin Oukhellou looks dejected as she walks to the salon with her arm in a sling following Jake McLean’s death

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YAZMIN Oukhellou looked dejected as she visited a salon with her arm in a sling.

The reality TV star was badly injured in her right arm after the crash in Turkey that tragically killed Jake McLean.

Yaz, 28, of The Only Way Is Essex fame, was out with her mother near their home in Essex on Friday afternoon.

Yaz wore a black vest top, black trousers and sunglasses – while her right arm was in a dark blue sling.

The reality star looked uncomfortable as she adjusted the strap on her shoulder.

She was also seen talking on her phone as she walked down the main street.

The TV star sustained injuries to his right arm in the horror crash in Bodrum earlier this month.

Yaz was taken to hospital but her on-off boyfriend Jake, 33, was tragically killed in the car crash.

After the accident, Yaz pulled herself out of the overturned Mercedes and climbed out of a ditch, then frantically waved down passing cars nearby.

A man stopped and helped Yazmin, whose arm was bleeding, then called emergency services, who tried to save Jake.

They sped about 70 feet off the road as they rounded a bend and fell 30 feet into a ditch at 4.30am on Sunday while driving from the seaside tourist resort of Bodrum.

Yaz expressed fears of being left out of his friend Jake’s funeral following tensions with his family.

His mother Anita Walsh told Turkish authorities she believes they may have rowed after leaving a nightclub in Bodrum – and that may have played a role in her son’s accident on a mountain road.

But Yazmin has insisted there was no dispute.

A source said: “It has become difficult for everyone involved.

“Yaz’s biggest fear is being asked not to go to the funeral and not being able to say goodbye to Jake.

“But at the same time, she doesn’t want to upset anyone.

“It’s a terrible situation to be in. It was a devastating time for Jake’s family.

“His death is still so raw for everyone involved.

“In time, we hope they can come together and mourn their loss.

“But right now it’s a broken relationship.”

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