Sunday, October 2, 2022

‘Would you post if you poop too’: Little People star Audrey Roloff slammed for sharing leaky chest photo

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“Why would anyone post this on social media,” said a fan on Reddit, slamming Audrey’s latest picture

Audrey Roloff is remembered by fans for her performance on the hit TLC series Little People, Big World. She is currently enjoying every part of motherhood with her newborn son, Radley. Sometimes stars post pictures just to let their fans know what they’re going through or what’s happening in their lives. Few fans win over the stars with their global fandom. While that is also true, few of them are ridiculed by netizens. Because these pictures give the fans much more information than necessary. Something very similar happened to renowned reality star Audrey Roloff.

Audrey took to her Instagram Stories on September 21 and dropped a picture. In the picture, she wore a denim blue long shirt and gray sweatpants. What caught fans’ attention was the fact that there were several wet spots on the chest area of ​​her shirt. She looked very somber and somber. She was standing in front of a mirror, cell phone in hand. In the background we saw that all the bed covers were unkempt and put aside haphazardly by Audrey.


Jeremy and Audrey Roloff say goodbye to Little People, Big World after 14 years.

Audrey gave fans a subtle update on her leaking boobs. Also known as the postpartum period, it is a common scenario in women who go through several changes in their bodies after having a baby. For people who don’t know, Audrey and her husband Jeremy welcomed their third child, Radley Roloff, in November 2021.

Interestingly, this phenomenon of leaky breasts, also called postpartum, is defined according to What To Expect as the way our bodies adjust to the process of milk production and newborn feeding schedule.

Audrey captioned each picture, “Morning IYKYK.” Where IYKYK is short for “if you know, you know”.

Once this image went viral on Reddit, many fans took their Reddit handles and turned it into a comment fest. They all mocked the star for revealing a bit too much information in the picture.

“As much as she tries to be relatable, she always comes off as privileged instead. That’s a privilege some mothers never get. Your milk never comes in, or maybe it dries up really quickly from mastectomy…. That’s such a weird inflection and I just don’t get it. I had kids, so yes, I know. Sometimes that happens, but we all don’t transmit it. We might text our best friend or scold our partner about it, but we get on with our day. She somehow makes normal, everyday things so special and privileged. She’s an arrogant person,” said one fan. “Omggg I would never post this to my Instagram and I only have 87 followers,” said another fan. “Why would anyone post this on social media? Would you post too “When you wet your pants or poop? Come on,” one fan ranted. , noted one fan.

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