Monday, November 29, 2021

Woman who passed out at night later discovered bite marks on her arm

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TikToker Hattie (@ crocodilealligat0r) revealed her mysterious bite mark after a trip to Fever, a nightclub in Exeter, England, where her arm was shockingly red and swollen.

A woman who was going out was shocked when she discovered a huge bite mark on her arm after she passed out – and has no idea who the biter is.

Obviously, the person responsible nibbled on purpose, like in a clip, there are clear and deep bite marks on Hattie’s skin.

Her caption read: “Anyone who had a fever in Exeter last night and bit me let me know you have no disease [and] that I will live :). “

Since sharing her dilemma, Hattie’s arm bitten video has received 1.4 million views and over 190,000 likes from people who were very concerned about Hattie and who asked in the comments if she was okay while others were too acknowledge how crazy it is that someone would do this.

One person wrote, “Girls, what on earth happened … YOU’RE OK.”

“Why are people literally unhinged like the one that only bites people ????” said another person.

Someone else replied, “You are biting us now ??”

“Nurse here! If they hurt the skin you need for an A&E, the human mouth has a crazy amount of bacteria and you might need an injection and an antibiotic, ”replied a fourth person with their medical expertise.

In a follow-up video, Hattie shared with her followers that she was now at an NHS walk-in center for medical help, waiting to be seen, but it seems the bite mark hasn’t gotten any better.

“Update, I’m on an NHS walk in the center,” she wrote, “but the bruises have gotten a lot worse: /”

The TikToker then pans the camera around to reveal her arm, which looks like it’s purple and visibly even more puffy than before.

But Hattie appears ok in another update video in which she explains the events of the fateful night.

She noticed that she did not feel “so drunk”, but at some point passed out.

“The last thing I remember was dancing with my friends, then I remember losing them somehow,” recalls Hattie. “And then I don’t remember anything until I passed out in the toilets.”

Since she doesn’t feel very drunk and just happens to pass out, Hattie believes it is possible that alcohol spiked her.

“The fact that I lost my memory – I could have been riddled, I’m not sure,” added the TikToker. “It could just be that my brain didn’t want to make a memory.”

Given the recent spike in spiking incidents, of which nearly 200 police forces have been reported across the UK in the past two months, the National Police Chiefs Council said on Oct. 22 – so it’s possible this may have happened to Hattie.

Understandably, Hattie “freaked out” when she saw the huge bite mark and left the club.

The next day, on the recommendation of her mother, TikTok received the bruise control in an NHS walk-in center.

Then she shows her bruise again and describes that the bite mark is still “purple” and “really sore”.

“But I’m alive and well,” she added.

Let’s hope this was a one-off incident and not just another concern, to add to the list of things women worry about when they go out.

indy100 has contacted Fever Nightclub Exeter for comment.

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