Sunday, December 5, 2021

Woman shares pictures of leggings that “caused colleagues to sexually harass them”

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Fena Reti posted a video on TikTok saying she was “extremely uncomfortable wearing leggings” and later decided to wear something else to “feel safe from the male gaze”.

A warehouse worker said she was sexually molested for wearing leggings – and then molested while dressing in response.

But despite the low-key clothing of baggy gray sweatpants and a loose-fitting cream-colored hoodie, one colleague still made a disrespectful comment and said, “No matter how pretty you are, you look shit today.”

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But even her attempts to raise awareness of the issue of workplace harassment received insensitive comments from men, with some resorting to the comments on Retis videos to accuse them of lying.

In response, she gave viewers a full-length view of the leggings to expose the mistaken notion that it was ever the woman’s “fault”.

Reti’s first video hit nearly a million views at the time of writing, with many people expressing their support.

“Make a note of appointments and comments on your phone. It may be small things, but for months it is a big thing, “someone wrote.

“’Feeling safe from male eyes’ is the most accurate statement I’ve ever heard. I’m sorry this happened to you, ”added another.

A third person who claims to be a warehouse worker said she “changed” her wardrobe to avoid comment.

“Warehouse workers here. I’ve literally changed my wardrobe and only buy extremely oversized clothing for work to avoid man’s comments. EVERY. SINGLES. DAY.”

Latest Page News turned to Reti for comment.

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