Sunday, December 5, 2021

Woman is branded as “sexist” by her boyfriend for not inviting him to a girls’ night out

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One woman was annoyed that her boyfriend called her a “sexist” when she didn’t invite him to a girls’ night out.

The woman posted on the subreddit Am I The A ** hole, looking for outside opinions on how she handled the matter.

She explained that she had been with “Will”, a 27-year-old, for a few months. She said he was “cute” and they usually meet on weekends.

When he asked what her plans were for Friday, she told him that she was going to invite her friends over for a girls’ night out.

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He asked her if she was serious and started talking about how “outdated” and “so the 1950s” these “events” were.

He also said she should “stop promoting and advocating these events because they are so toxic and totally stink of misogyny”.

She said, “I was shocked by his long talk, but he said it was his honest opinion.”

Then he tried to talk her out of it, but she stuck with her weapons.

“He had a seizure after suggesting that he bring his friends and I declined because girls’ nights at work are not like that,” she wrote. “He called me sexist and misogynist because I had a girls night out and made it so obvious instead of being ashamed of myself.”

He went on to tell her that if she behaves like this “in a professional work environment”, her “mentality” will cause her problems in the future.

She wrote, “Let me tell you that I was KNOWING how he got so upset that I missed my girls and wanted to hang out with them. We kept fighting and he hung up after I said I won’t stop doing girls ‘nights or being part of girls’ nights, no matter what he says about it. “

She later tried to call and apologize for the “whipping” but he texted him saying he was “hurt” about the way she handled the situation. He said he “needed time to process what he just found out”. [her] Personality.”

She added, “That hurt me, but my friendship and the bond I share with my girlfriends is huge and I don’t want to risk years of friendship by no longer being part of our bonding activities.”

At the top of her post, she said that she is writing from a disposable account because it has the password on her main account.

She was overwhelmingly supportive of the comments.

The top comment, with over 34,000 upvotes, was, “No offense, but you said you’ve only been together for a few months and he’s going into a tantrum because you don’t choose him because you hang out with your friends. It’s a red flag. “

She replied to the comment and said his main criticism was that he could not attend or bring his friends.

“This man is manipulative,” wrote another commentator. “I think girls’ evenings are healthy and important. It sounds like he wants to isolate you from your friends. “

Other comments pointed to the controlling nature of his actions, as well as the gas lighting and manipulation.

Another pithy comment with almost 6,000 upvotes was simply: “Run”.

The NHS has a list of resourcesavailable to victims of domestic violence, including emotional abuse. If you’re worried someone might find these web pages in your search history, read Guide to helping women hide your tracks on the internet.

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