Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Wolverine has a deadly move that could DESTROY Iron Man’s armor in seconds

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What if we told you that Iron Man, probably one of Marvel’s strongest characters, can be defeated in the blink of an eye with a deadly move that Wolverine could use?

Marvel Comics has never failed us when it comes to the sci-fi stories we’ve needed in our lives. The franchise has brought us a large number of superheroes, and Iron Man is one of the cult favorites.

What if we told you that Iron Man, probably one of the strongest Marvel characters, can be defeated in the blink of an eye by a move that Wolverine could use? Yes, you heard right. Iron Man may be incredibly dangerous in a fight, but the mutant Wolverine can bring down the billionaire Armored Avenger with one deadly move.


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Marvel’s Iron Man is known for two things: its incredible dash for charging into battles without a second thought, and its highly durable armor. Although Wolverine and Iron Man fight on the same side, their powers are very different. Iron Man #21 shows that despite his vast wealth, Iron Man just can’t match Logan – thanks to the incredible weakness of his armor.

For those who didn’t know, Iron Man’s armor is made out of a gold-titanium alloy, among other things. The comics have even granted him self-assembling armor in the form of the Bleeding Edge suit and Extremis armor. The hero survived many blows in his suit that would easily kill any unarmored human. On the other hand, Wolverine is not only endowed with enhanced senses and an impressive healing factor – his skeleton is also completely encased in adamantium. Unfortunately, Iron Man has never made armor out of adamantium – an extremely rare and durable metal that can withstand almost any type of attack.

Wolverine’s claws are sheathed in metal, allowing them to be razor sharp, and could certainly slice through Iron Man’s armor. He wouldn’t even have to stab Iron Man in the chest and through his arc reactor – all he would have to do would be sever Iron Man’s shins, cutting off Tony Stark’s ability to stand or fly. Wolverine could most likely survive a hydrogen explosion, but Iron Man could not.

The two heroes have worked together in the past. Iron Man’s armor is pretty strong, but Wolverine’s claws can slice through it like butter, and all Logan has to do is grab his legs.

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