Sunday, September 25, 2022

Will Naeun return to Apink? Mini reunion with Eunji at awards show gives K-pop fans hope

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Naeun meets up with his fellow idol Eunji, who is also an Apink member, and then shares an Instagram story that hints at a full group meeting

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: While fans were heartbroken by Son Naeun leaving Apink after she allegedly failed to balance her acting career and her idol career, she seemed even more disappointed. Fans have never doubted Naeun’s love for Apink as it was reported that while her new label YG asked her to leave Apink when she joined them, she said no and said she cannot leave those she is too what they had done was first place. And now a mini-reunion with her former group member has left fans hopeful that she could potentially return to Apink.

First, Naeun left Apink’s label IST Entertainment, but informed us that she would still be part of the group. Despite the label’s suspicious decisions to exclude them from group projects, their commitment to the girls never wavered. Although she was busy filming for the K-drama Ghost Doctor, which cemented her position in the acting industry, she made time to contribute to her 11-year anniversary album, Horn. Sadly, after being unable to join them for their promotions, Naeun left Apink in April, just days before their anniversary.


Naeun meets Apink’s Eunji

Fans were disappointed when Naeun shared that she would always cherish her time with Apink. Many suspected that the labels YG and IST might have something to do with her leaving Apink. Well, on September 22nd, both Eunji and Naeun were present at the Seoul Drama Awards. Eunji is another Apink member who is also an actor and is currently starring in the popular K-drama Blind alongside 2PM’s Taecyeon.

After the award ceremony, Naeun posted a sky photo and a moving message. She said: “Today I was so happy to see the people I’m grateful for. As you promised, I realized that you were always there for me. As we work hard in our respective places, let’s see each other again. I won’t forget it either, and I’ll be back when it’s time for us to meet again. I am always grateful to you.”

Fans felt that she was talking about meeting Eunji and thanking Apink for waiting for her. As if that wasn’t enough, Naeun actually reshared a fan’s comment mentioning Apink to confirm that her story was indeed meant for her former group. The fan had reposted Naeun’s story, writing: “Hope you all can join pink promotions together in the future. Especially the comeback part! I will support Unnie forever! I will definitely support you in all the dramas that Unnie will appear in. “

One fan tweeted, “A big part of me thinks as long as we never give up as an apink member, naeun will never forget it either, and that’s one of the reasons I’m so attached to 6pink.” Another commented, ” Naeun and Eunji, my beloved. My precious apink 2eun. We missed you both so much. It’s so great to see you guys back on the same stage.”

One fan wrote: “Just glad Naeun knows pandas still appreciate her with other remaining members. We love them as themselves, as an actress and as a member of Apink and forever in this game.” Another fan added, “Apink overcoming struggles and Naeun rejoining them would be really so cool of them .”

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