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Will Gabby and Rachel’s friendship survive The Bachelorette? Fan threatens to boycott ABC over unsolicited drama

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“Producers better not ruin this lovely friendship or it will piss me off,” one fan tweeted

While every season of “The Bachelorette” claims to be the most dramatic yet, Season 19 certainly has a slight edge, as this season we’re getting two Bachelorettes instead of one, Rachel Reccia and Gabby Windey. And while it’s the two of them, the group of men vying for her attention remains the same. And if you think this is a recipe for disaster, then you’re on the money.

For those of you who lived through the absolute train wreck on Clayton Echard’s season, you know that Gabby and Rachel felt “collateral damage” in Susie Evans and Clayton Echard’s romance. And while they didn’t get happy, the two ladies walked away with a strong friendship (and plenty of quips at Clayton’s expense).

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While Gabby and Rachel are excited to be tackling the season together as they see they don’t have to go through the process alone, they also gushed about how they hoped they’d walk away together with fiancés. But looking at the preview clip for the upcoming episodes, it looks like there’s a huge chasm when it comes to the men choosing between the two, to the extent that Gabby’s rose in favor was rejected by Rachel. The women are also seen crying as there is a conflict of interest over who lives them and who likes them. And while the drama makes for great reality TV, fans are concerned about the impact it could have on Gabby and Rachel’s friendship.

“I don’t care about the men this season. I just want to see Gabby and Rachel’s friendship. They’ve debriefed the men, supporting each other, and being so excited and yelling first kisses at each other has made the night great so far. #HeretoMakeFriends #TheBachelorette,” said one fan. “Please, for the love of trashy reality TV, don’t ruin this friendship. Let’s show women supporting women and the drama and all the things we love about this franchise, left to the unstable men about to step out of the limousine #TheBachelorette,” wrote another . “The moment @ABCNetwork pits Rachel against Gabby we boycott. Don’t you dare take this friendship for drama rip it up. There is no reality where they have thirty men to choose from and pick the same one. Don’t buy ABC, you’ve been warned. #TheBachelorette,” wrote another. “Producers better not ruin this adorable friendship or I’ll get FUCKED.” #TheBachelorette #Bachelorette,” added one fan. “If these producers try to destroy Rachel and Gabby’s friendship… I WILL have to get involved… #TheBacheloret te,” agreed one fan.

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What do you think? Will Gabby and Rachel’s friendship survive because of this? Will they go head to head against each other and be bullied for the sake of drama? Or will they be the ones calling the shots? As it stands, there’s certainly a chance their friendship is going through some strains. However, both women have dealt with heartbreak and are known for being honest and open about their feelings, so chances are they’ll see through the smokescreen. Sound off the comments below and tell us what you think

Catch “The Bachelorette” Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. If you can also watch the show through your local ABC affiliate.

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