Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Will FBI: International be filmed in Europe?

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‘FBI: International’ focuses on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s international ‘Fly Team’ and features beautiful locations across Europe

Gone are the days when US dramas were only filmed in limited locations around the country. TV has gone international and production houses have understood that viewers need some variety as they not only want to see a good story, but also good locations and great scenery. Things have changed so drastically that even a show like “FBI” has tried to bring something new to the audience by putting out a version that doesn’t include a single US location.

Yes, you heard that right. The series, titled “FBI: International,” focuses primarily on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s international “Fly Team.” Elite agents based in Budapest locate and neutralize threats to American interests around the world. Aside from neutralizing threats and resolving cases, the team must take care of all the practical and legal challenges of working in foreign locations and jurisdictions.


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Will FBI: International be filmed entirely in Europe?

The simple and easy answer to the above question is YES! While the Fly Team has a base in Budapest, they solve cases across Europe. Locations such as Austria, Paris, Budapest, Frankfurt and Prague are now part of the show. Budapest is the capital of Hungary and there are many other locations in Hungary that also feature in the series.

There’s a reason why most of the filming takes place in Hungary. The landlocked country in Central Europe and its government even offer foreign film productions a 30% tax incentive. This means that the foreign production houses enjoy financial support from the country, and Hungary benefits from the tax levied. The next time you see Hungary in a film, remember that this tax incentive is one of the main reasons the studio considered shooting there.

Filming in foreign locations also helps keep things authentic. According to fbi.gov, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has offices in more than 64 countries and covers more than 100 nations. Eastern Europe has 12 offices while the other 12 offices are scattered in different parts of Europe. So the creators did a lot of research before filming and carefully selected the locations that would look great on screen and also authentic.

Season 2 will introduce another location in the form of Pula, Croatia. It is the seventh largest city in the country and is located on the seafront at the tip of the Croatian peninsula of Istria. The city is known for its sheltered harbour, beach-lined coastline and Roman ruins.

The upcoming season of FBI: International is scheduled to premiere on CBS on September 20, 2022.

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