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Will Courtney Boerner Ditch Andy Voyen? The ‘Love Island’ star has been criticized for making stereotypical jokes about bisexuality

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Though Courtney was initially happy to be with Andy, the attraction faded almost immediately once she met him

As promised by Peacock, the new season 4 of Love Island is not only hotter and hotter, but also more dramatic than the previous seasons. The highly anticipated new season kicked off with ten hot islanders taking part in the first coupling ceremony of the season.

Under the supervision of new hostess Sarah Hyland, the new islanders met and chose their mates solely on looks. The first couple of the season were Andy Voyen and Courtney Boerner. The Minnesota realtor was the first male islander to be introduced to the ladies. When Sarah asked the ladies to come forward if they were attracted to him, only Sereniti Springs came forward and expressed an interest in Andy. Unfortunately for Sereniti, Andy didn’t feel her, instead deciding to team up with stylist Courtney. Though Courtney initially seemed happy about her new man, the attraction to her vanished almost immediately once they sat down and started talking. She looked upset when she tried to tell Andy she was bisexual and was hit by him, who joked about not wanting “more competition” to win her affections.


Aside from Andy’s inappropriate comment about her sexuality, Courtney was also put off by him when she learned he was a proud “mother’s boy”. Unaware of Courtney’s feelings, Andy continued to gushed about his connection to Courtney in front of fellow islanders. After watching Andy make the blatant comment that he didn’t want “any more competition” for Courtney’s heart, many fans took to Twitter to slam him for the stereotypical joke about Courtney’s sexuality. One fan tweeted, “Idk something rubbed me wrong when Courtney said she was bisexual and Andy said ‘wait I don’t want double competition’ it just felt wrong #LoveIslandUSA.” says, “I don’t want any competition with the girls either,” when Courtney told him she’s bisexual?? He gives me the ICK #LoveIslandUSA,” one fan wrote. “Andy has gotten two strikes so far. Mom’s boy and bi stereotypes #LoveIslandUSA,” one fan commented. “OMG THROW ANDY AWAY NOW!!! I’ve dated two girls tell me more about it…ew…then he says he doesn’t want to compete with girls since she’s bi…honey a wet rag would hit you…#loveislandusa,” commented an annoyed fan. “Yupp Andy is skeptical because Courtney is bi #LoveIslandUSA,” noted one fan.


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Fans also predicted that Courtney would dump Andy at the first opportunity. One fan shared: “I realize it now but Courtney didn’t stand out for any of the guys. Calling it now: As soon as a new guy comes along, she drops Andy (or whoever she’s with) like a bag of moldy grapes #LoveIsland.” #LoveIslandUSA.” “Courtney will be leaving Andy so soon and I’m going to love this #loveislandusa,” reiterated one fan. “Courtney will be stomping on Andy all over for #LoveIslandUSA,” noted one fan.

Season 4 of Love Island is available to stream exclusively on Peacock, with new episodes airing Tuesday through Sunday and episode recaps of unaired footage on Saturdays.

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