Sunday, December 5, 2021

“WILL BE BRILLIANT” Wayne Bridge admits that he will vote for Ms. Frankie to put EVERY I’m A Celeb on trial

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WAYNE Bridge admits that he will be voting for Ms. Frankie to do every I’m A Celeb trial and laughs, “It’s not that I want to see her suffer, but. . . “

The former Chelsea footballer, 41, was a 2016 candidate himself and says he’s sure Frankie voted for him to take the exams – and is determined to get his own back.

And he said he’d love to see The Saturdays singer, 32, embrace the infamous attempt to eat after gagging on ketchup while he was staging a mini version at home.

Wayne said, “I’ll vote for Frankie to complete every single challenge, don’t worry. Not that I want her to suffer, but I think it will be really entertaining. I want to see their reaction, I think it will be brilliant.

“I’m sure she would have voted for me to take jungle exams. The last thing you want is to go in there and not face any challenges. And I think Frankie is going to be a lot better than she thinks.

“But I think she will struggle with the food sample. We made a little one for her here and I gave her ketchup which she hates. She choked afterwards and was almost sick.

“Then there was Nesquik powder that she spat out and chocolate pudding that she hated. But I think she will try anything. And the thought of returning to camp empty-handed will be unbearable for her. I know she would hate that. “

Wayne finished fifth when he appeared on the ITV show and narrowly missed the finale in which Scarlett Moffatt was crowned Queen of the Jungle.

But he got into trouble with Loose Women star Frankie when he quit because he talked about their relationship. She then said to him: “I could have killed you!”

Wayne insisted, however, that he “didn’t worry in the world” that Frankie would open up to her camp mates in the castle. He said, “Frankie can say what she wants and I’m sure she will. To be honest, if anyone was worried about what one of us would say, it would definitely be me and not her. “

The former England international and Southampton full-back added: “What I will miss most is your presence. I hope people see that she can be really funny – she can p *** off herself.

“She’s such a nice person, she laughs a lot. She can always pick me up when I’m a little sad, which is great. We’re a very close family so we don’t spend a lot of time apart. She is massively missed. “

While Frankie braves it at I’m A Celeb Castle in Abergele, Conwy, Wayne has taken responsibility for the couple’s sons, Parker, 7, and Carter, 5.

And while he’s been doing “all well” so far thanks to a very detailed calendar, he admits that the boys are already “upset” in their absence.

He said, “I always appreciate Frankie, but it’s only been a week and what I’ll really appreciate is that she’s back to helping with the kids.” The problem is, the guys know how to let off steam around me. I am under a lot of pressure to take lots of videos and pictures of all the activities the guys do while they are away.

“If I tell them they’ll know they can make me laugh and it’ll go out the window. And I’m trash before bed.

“The evenings go by so quickly after school – you do your homework, make dinner, play a bit and it’s over and they haven’t even bathed. Then I put the boys to bed and 20 minutes later I hear noises and you destroy the beds with a pillow fight.

“Bedtime is when they miss mom the most, so I don’t mind if they end up in bed with me. They already do that most of the time. ”Before Frankie went into quarantine last month, she and Wayne spent a few days on vacation with Parker, Carter and the dog Turbo.

And after an emotional farewell, Wayne shared how the toughest test Frankie will face will be the three-week separation from her sons. But he believes that she can overcome the troubled times and be crowned Queen of the Castle.

He said, “I would like to say that she will have the most difficulty being away from me, but it will be the children. Part of the reason she wanted to do the show this year was because it’s in Wales and she could come back sooner if needed.

“We had a good time in the days before she went into quarantine – we all went to Wales and took lots of muddy walks, watched movies and cuddled.

“It was hard to say goodbye because as soon as either of you starts crying, you all leave. But I told her not to worry about me and the boys because they’ll be fine – I have this.

“I want her to enjoy herself. Hard as it is, it’s a great experience. And the boys can’t wait to watch her in the jungle. Parker looks a bit more like me, he misses Mummy but can’t wait to see her surrounded by spiders and snakes.

“Carter is a little more concerned. They both want her crowned Queen of the Castle, but he just hopes she can do it without a single challenge while Parker hands me the phone. “

Wayne added, “I think she can win the show. I think she’ll be brilliant. I always tell her that she is a lot tougher than she thinks. If I could give her one last encouragement now, I would keep it short and sweet and say, ‘Don’t think too much, enjoy it, be yourself, we’re fine.’

“But I would also tell her to make sure that she gets further on the show than I did in 2016, otherwise I’ll keep going forever. She will never hear the end of it. “

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