Monday, May 9, 2022

Will Amber Heard ‘be in Depp forever’? Star’s $8 million net worth is nowhere near enough to settle a $50 million lawsuit

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The former couple have given their personal testimony and closing arguments are reportedly due to be heard by the end of May

The current duel between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp will reportedly end soon. The Virginia court, where the trial began on April 11, has taken a week off. However, reports say the closing arguments will be delivered by the end of this month before the jury will reach a final verdict.

The trial centers around a 2018 comment by Heard for the Washington Post. The 36-year-old had posed as a survivor of domestic violence in the play without naming Depp directly as her perpetrator. But the actor’s legal team said the essay defamed her client and Depp is suing her for $50 million. Heard then sued her ex-husband for $100 million.


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As the true Hollywood drama draws to a close, several people have been wondering on various social media platforms how the ‘Aquaman’ actress will pay if she loses to Depp. Heard’s net worth is reportedly just $8 million, “including any money she has left from her divorce settlement,” along with the dollars she makes from films and commissions for brands like L’Oreal, Harper’s Bazaar, and The Cannes has film festival.

However, there were some who thought Depp’s mission wasn’t to get money from Heard, but rather to reclaim his reputation. A fan of his said: “I have a feeling Depp could get Amber Herd out of the 50million debt if she loses the case. That’s because Depp’s goal off the case is to clean up his reputation, which has been ruined.”

And as one person tweeted: “Whether he wins this case or not, Depp has already won public opinion in court. #AmberHeardlsALiar #AmberHeardIsAPsycopath #JusticeForJohnny #JohnnyDeppIsInnocent #MenToo #MePoo #MeToo,” another commented, “And that’s why he’s suing her and that’s why he fought hard to get it streamed to the public. He doesn’t need $50 million from her, he wants to clear his name and expose the truth about how despicable she is on a global scale. He’s already won!”

Not just Twitter, Quora was also addressing the same question. But some of the users of the crowdsourced Q&A site have responded, with one of them saying, “You get a job and pay it back or get someone to pay it back for you.” I’m sure Elon will give her money or some other sign, I mean friend.”

Another user gave a lengthy reply, beginning: “In most cases, once you have made a decision in your favour, it is your responsibility to enforce it, so in that case the plaintiff would have to take the appropriate action. There are many rules that govern what you can and cannot confiscate, but if the defendant simply refuses to pay the decision, you can call law enforcement to help you take away whatever the court has ruled you entirely .”

The user continued, “In the event that a person absolutely, absolutely, absolutely cannot pay for a decision… You’re damned. This type of defendant is commonly referred to as “evidence because even if you were to prevail in your case, you really won’t get anything,” before adding, “In that case, the laws will vary from court to court, but you will.” Basically, the person is branded as having a legal judgment against them. You can then keep track of that person for as long as the judgment is secured, and if that person has sufficient assets to pay the judgment, move in at a later date. However, judgments usually have a limited lifespan, so not only do you need to monitor the defendant’s general financial situation, but you also need to renew your judgment in court to avoid it becoming void.”

One comment on Quora read: “Life garnishment. Each week, Amber Turn will have a weekly amount deducted from each job. And to answer your question, yes, wherever she goes, it will take time to pay off.” Another commenter added, “If she loses, owes that money and doesn’t pay, just like the rest of us common folk , any money she makes in her so-called fictitious career will likely be garnished by the court and given to Johnny and such. The garnishment amount is typically 25% of her total earnings or gross earnings.”

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