Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Wild orgies, hot affairs The new one is so versed "crime scene" from Berlin

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Nude scenes in the shower, wild orgies in a club: The new Berlin “Tatort” is pretty sex-heavy – and that’s not just because of the victim’s lively sex life. But it doesn’t get romantic.

There are supposed to be families who prefer to watch the perfect world and Rosamunde Pilcher on TV on Sunday evenings. And there is the faction of the “Tatort” fans who like to end the weekend with murder and manslaughter. The new episode “The Cold and the Dead” on Sunday at 8:15 pm takes place in the icy Berlin winter. It’s about a woman who is found murdered after an online date at the Engelbecken in Kreuzberg.

In the new RBB “Tatort” crime scene, there is also some sex in flippant dialogues and once, not exactly Rosamunde Pilcher style, in the shower. In addition, a woman learns of her husband’s affair at a swingers party.

In another scene, Commissioner Robert Karow (played by Mark Waschke) wants to know from his colleague Nina Rubin (Meret Becker) whether she is to blame for his “intimate souvenir”: he has “sailors on the trunk”. So something was going on between the two inspectors, who are still sifting. Yes, the new case from Berlin is pretty sex-heavy, but it doesn’t get hot.

Dennis Ziegler (Vito Sack) succeeds again and again in his charming way of dispelling the doubts of his mother Doris (Jule Böwe).  (Source: rbb / ARD Degeto / Aki Pfeiffer)Dennis Ziegler (Vito Sack) always manages to dispel the doubts of his mother Doris (Jule Böwe) in his charming way. (Source: rbb / ARD Degeto / Aki Pfeiffer)

Tan Caglar is new to the line-up. He plays a policeman who, like the actor himself, is in a wheelchair. With him, Karow and Rubin have a colleague who is quick-witted and likes to sing karaoke. Caglar recently made his debut in the ARD doctor series “In allerfreund”. Now, in addition to his role as a TV doctor, the comedian and author is also a TV investigator. The woman who plays the victim’s mother in this “crime scene” could be recognized by cabaret fans: It is Andreja Schneider, known as Fräulein Schneider from the trio Geschwister Pfister.

About the case: A young woman makes an appointment with the couple Dennis Ziegler (Vito Sack) and Julia Hoff (Milena Kaltenbach), the next morning her body is found. The parents of the murdered medical student do not want to admit that their daughter is dead, nor do they know that the young woman took part in online dating: “Sophia does not sleep with anybody,” says her mother.

The young couple reports to the police – the two admit having sex with the victim, but not the murder. Dennis already has a file with the police – and his mother (Jule Böwe) is a police officer. Who or what is behind the murder? Nina Rubin searches her way – with “Psychoquark”, as her colleague Robert Karow says. The investigations lead to a nursery, a diving club and once again to Berlin’s nightlife.

The year is 2021: Corona is briefly mentioned, but is otherwise no longer recognizable in a crime thriller. Let’s see how that develops in the future of the television world. So far it seems that there is not much pandemic in the German scripts. The crime thriller is just a break from everyday life.

Unusual locations, the interesting cast, the teamwork and the coolness of Mark Waschke and Meret Becker: That makes the “Tatort” (director: Torsten C. Fischer) worth seeing, the story and the “Psychoquark” less. Becker is on the home straight as Commissioner in her penultimate episode. The last “crime scene” should run with her in spring 2022. Then she wants to concentrate on new things, as it is called at the RBB. Corinna Harfouch will be her successor.

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