Saturday, June 25, 2022

WILD and Extremely Sad: Leaked ‘Spider-Man Lotus’ script, images divide fans amid racism controversy

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“While I strongly disagree with Gavin’s comments, that doesn’t change the fact that I think the film sounds promising,” the tweet read

The highly-anticipated fan film Spider-Man Lotus found itself in more and more soup pictures, and the film’s script was leaked on Twitter. This comes a day after the movie star and director found themselves in the middle of a controversy following their past racist remarks and comments. Actor Wayne Warden and director Gavin K Konop have been slammed on social media after the former posted a tweet to clarify some of the racist remarks he had made in the past.

The film’s 83-page script was leaked on Twitter. Below are some of the images of Spider-Man fighting the Green Goblin. Peter Parker’s suit is said to have suffered massive damage from the battle with the villain, who was also discussed because of his appearance. Fans were divided on whether they needed to share the leaked content. While one segment felt it wasn’t worthy of the hard work, others felt it was the perfect way to punish Warden and Konop.


“Man, this whole Spider-Man-Lotus situation is wild and utterly sad at the same time. Condemn all the (real) stuff that has leaked, but also condemn the witch hunt that is happening right now. Awesome,” wrote one of the fans. “Regarding Spider-Man Lotus: I read this leaked script and it’s unfortunate that this stuff came out because what I read was REALLY good,” noted another.

“Despite all the shit today, I’m still looking forward to Spider-Man Lotus. While I strongly disagree with Gavin’s comments, that doesn’t change the fact that I think the film sounds promising, and even seeing today’s leaked content got me excited for it. Fingers crossed it’s not preserved,” read one of the tweets. “Someone leaked the full script for Spider-Man: Lotus. I’m not going to share it or anything because it’s a disservice to the cast and crew who aren’t involved in the controversy who just wanted to make a Spider-Man movie,” one fan commented.

One of the tweets suggested the reason for the leaks. “Comes from a Spider-Man fan film called Spider-Man: Lotus, but the main character behind the film was recently exposed to racist messages. Also, they basically admitted that they didn’t pay the crew members. So you leaked parts of the movie.” Sympathy poured in. “It was related to the creator of Spider-Man Lotus leaking all this news online. It was wrong and more importantly pathetic I will I still watch the film because people put their heart and soul into it and deserve their hard work to get paid.”

A video clip of the final climax scene was also leaked. There were memes galore with some sections poking fun at the film while also digging up the actor and director. “Exactly, we’ve all been joking and saying things that we’re not proud of and we’re sorry, I’m the first to admit, an apology might be a start but GJK hasn’t handled this situation well at all and other issues behind scenes come out, let’s see what happens. I was excited,” one fan wrote.

Responding to the situation surrounding Wayne’s past, Konop stated that he was aware of the actor’s comments. According to the comic book, he said: “In the past, Warden has been open with me about his past ignorance and what might result from it, and I’ve done everything in my power to hold him accountable — not just then, but now and for the future.” always. I’ve told him bluntly that he will love him for the rest of his life – there’s nothing he can do about it and that’s the reality he’s accepted.” He added, “Can’t do much as a consequence”.

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