Thursday, January 19, 2023

Why watching ‘Fixer to Fabulous’ can be ‘nerve-wracking’ for star Jenny Marrs

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A new episode of Fixer to Fabulous might be exciting for fans of the HGTV show, but there’s also some jitters for Jenny Marrs. Ahead why the Fixer to Fabulous Star finds it “nerve-wracking” to watch the show and what she and Dave Marrs have in store for season four.

Just because they’re the stars of their own HGTV series doesn’t mean the home renovation duo gets to watch Fixer to Fabulous Episodes before they air. As Jenny explained in a January 2021 Instagram post after the show’s second season finale, she and Dave, like fans, will have to wait to see new episodes.

“We’re watching the episodes live with all of you (we can’t see them before they air) and it’s like reminiscing while watching,” Jenny wrote.

“All the long days and fits of laughter and thousands of decisions to make and fires to put out and sweat pouring in,” she continued. “It’s all condensed into one 42-minute episode and made available to the world.”

“It’s nerve wracking because we don’t have any control over how the work starts,” Jenny explained. “And we’re unable to explain the nuances behind each decision or the late night torrents [sic] about every detail.”

Much like Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten, the Marrs couple never set out to be in front of the camera. You didn’t audition for HGTV. It was only when someone from the network contacted them about the opportunity to do a show that they entered the world of television.

“It all actually started when someone on HGTV got wind of our really unique place that we live in and said this would be a great place to film a show,” Jenny recalled in a video with Dave in hers blog. “And they put out feelers and found out our names and approached us.”

“It wasn’t something we were looking for,” she continued, saying “the opportunity came to us.” She went on to say they were “definitely skeptical at first.”

So skeptical even that in Fixer to Fabulous In Season 1, Jenny revealed that she initially thought an HGTV exec’s email was spam and immediately deleted it (via House Beautiful).

Fixer to Fabulouswhich returned with new episodes on November 29, 2022, might be a little different than what fans have seen from Jenny and Dave before.

“We have a variety of different projects,” Dave teased Season 4 in an interview with Showbiz CheatSheet in November 2022. “We’re working on an old barn that we’re converting into a living space. We had lakeside properties, we had a farm property, we did a trade.”

“We’re opening a shop this year in an old building, a historic building that Jenny and I own,” added Dave. “We’re still building, we’re not quite finished yet. We have some really cool projects and the before and after is amazing and I hope people really like it.”

Fixer to Fabulous airs Tuesdays at 9pm ET/PT on HGTV and Discovery+.

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