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Why was BG arrested? The cash-money rapper’s 14-year sentence was reduced after Birdman hinted at a release

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BG was charged with gun possession and witness tampering in 2012, which led to his imprisonment

HERLONG, CALIFORNIA: Rapper BG is said to be soon a free man as he may be paroled from his 14-year sentence at FCI’s Herlong Prison. According to multiple reports, Birdman, who runs Cash Money Records, announced during an Instagram Live that the rapper will be home in “a few weeks” ahead of his scheduled April 7, 2024 release date.

BG, whose real name is Christopher Dorsey, applied for a compassionate release earlier this year, but it was denied for a third time. He submitted his first application in May 2020, reports Yahoo! The rapper requested an early release in a handwritten letter to the court. In the letter, he cited his tough upbringing and rap career and accepted “full responsibility” for his crimes, but felt “enough was enough” in terms of his punishment. However, District Judge Susie Morgan denied the request after three days of deliberation. In her 11-page statement, she said, “He has presented no compelling and extraordinary reasons for his compassionate release and should therefore remain in federal prison until the end of his sentence in 2024.”


Why was BG arrested?

According to Yahoo! Report, the second motion came in July 2022 when Birdman appealed to the judge, backed by a petition signed by several public figures, saying, “Not only is he a generational artist, but he has a platform and an opportunity to express his.” Sharing experiences to improve today’s young men who need to hear what he has to say. If he’s released, I know he’ll give back and use what he’s been through to help as many people as possible.” But the judge denied the request. Then, in September, the third request for release was made filed out of pity entitled The Court Misconstrued Defendant’s Motion, which cited BG’s 2021 letter that BG had written to the court asking for a deduction of the years of his sentence and mentioning the situation im Jail while claiming he was at risk of contracting Covid-19.

Now multiple reports are suggesting the 42-year-old rapper could be fired soon. However, this isn’t the first time Birdman has spoken about the early release either. Back in December 2021, he shared a message, “Be home in a minute,” addressed to BG, according to Distractify. Also causing great confusion among netizens was a video uploaded with the caption “BG Free” and the statement “After 17 years there is no Free G. GOD is GOOD!” One fan commented, “Hadn’t been the best day but they freed one of my favorite artists.” But soon many were pointing out it wasn’t the rapper and pleading for misinformation to stop. One said, “You need to delete this man who is spreading false information.”

According to Distractify, on November 3, 2009, BG was arrested in New Orleans, Louisiana with three guns, two of which were reported stolen. BG, who battled heroin addiction, was charged with gun possession and witness tampering in 2012, leading to his imprisonment. He pleaded guilty to two counts of being a criminal in possession of a firearm and one count of participating in a conspiracy to obstruct justice.

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