Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Why was Andrew Tate banned from Twitter? Internet slams Elon Musk after influencer’s account is restored

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Andrew Tate celebrates his return with a post: “Championship is a fun thing. It’s almost as if losing is not an option for a long enough period of time.

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: Rising from relative obscurity as the “Big Brother” contestant, Andrew Tate raised eyebrows over his controversial take on misogyny, which has taken him from across the spectrum of social media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok – banished. However, Andrew Tate is officially back on Twitter after a five-year ban.

Back in 2017, Tate was booted from Twitter for criticizing the #MeToo movement and his derogatory comments against the victims. Back then, the toxic influencer said, “rape victims have a certain responsibility” for putting themselves in a position to be attacked, a false claim that seeks to exonerate perpetrators of violence against women. He even claimed the #MeToo movement didn’t help women and only served to “destroy” men’s safety. Tate, who is reestablished on Twitter under his “CobraTate” profile, even appeared to be celebrating his comeback with a post that read, “Championship is a fun thing. It’s almost as if on a long enough timescale, losing just isn’t an option.”


Tate has been banned from Twitter for evading a previous ban, a Twitter spokesman told CNET. Tate has become a hot personality on the internet of late, promising to show boys and men how to “escape the Matrix,” shorthand for becoming wealthier and more successful. Tate’s resurgence on Twitter comes after Elon Musk’s big plans for the social media giant after he said in a “freedom of speech” post that he had rehired Kathy Griffin, Jordan Peterson and the Babylon Bee. Twitter’s CEO wrote, “New Twitter policy is freedom of expression, not freedom of reach.”

Many social media users were disgusted by Tate’s return, and most of them blamed Elon Musk. One user wrote: “Zero respect for @elonmusk getting Andrew Tate back on Twitter and leaving violence against women and girls rampant.” “As a woman, I’m disgusted.” “As a woman, I’m disgusted,” read one tweet. “Andrew Tate is a hateful misogynist c***. Everyone would be better off without him,” another user chimed in. One user wrote: “You brought Andrew Tate back?!? What the hell @elonmusk?! Oh god maybe this site really is doomed.” One Twitter thread read: “Elon Musk has caused more social chaos than Andrew Tate. And that’s saying something, lol.” “The look on the faces of those who were hoping Twitter would be ‘dead’ by now when instead they see suspended accounts from Jordan Peterson, Andrew Tate, etc. being restored.” it says in a tweet.

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