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Why Stevie Nicks was “thrilled” playing “Silver Springs” on the piano

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Stevie Nicks is the songwriter behind “Silver Springs” and even plays it for the other band members on piano. Here’s what producer Ken Caillat said about her experience in the studio for Fleetwood Mac’s rumours.

Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham joined Fleetwood Mac as a duo. As a result, Nicks became the mastermind behind several Fleetwood Mac hits. However, what made their band unique was their personal connection to their lyrics.

For Fleetwood Macs rumours, Nicks detailed much of her breakup with Buckingham on songs like “Dreams” and the “B-Side” fan-favorite “Silver Springs.” Buckingham did the same with “Go Your Own Way,” though the lyrics didn’t exactly match their relationship.

When creating rumours, Nicks was asked to play “Silver Springs” for the band, as noted in Rumors Going: The Inside Story of the Classic Fleetwood Mac Album by Ken Caillat and Steve Boots.

“Stevie loved it – there was nothing she loved doing more than playing her songs on the piano,” Caillat wrote. “Most of the time, Stevie sat curled up on the couch behind us in the control room, with a shawl around her and Ginny at her feet.”

“Sometimes she would take baby hits on a joint and drink tea,” he added. “She could sit on that couch for hours, watching and chatting; she loved to laugh.”

As noted by Genius, this song was excluded from the original rumours Tracklist where Nicks loses a “battle” for the original. Instead, “Silver Springs” became the B-side of the album’s lead single “Go Your Own Way.” On Spotify, Nicks is credited as the sole songwriter behind “Silver Springs,” with lyrics detailing her relationship with Buckingham.

“Time has enchanted you,” says the outro. “But you won’t forget me / I know I could have loved you / But you wouldn’t let me.”

In live performances, Nicks acted as a singer and tambourine player. Songbird writer Christine McVie often played keyboards for Fleetwood Mac. During an interview with the Guardian, McVie commented on touring life – and how Nicks always had a piano at his disposal.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a piano in my room. Stevie always did, but she couldn’t play it,” laughed McVie. “So she let me come down and play. Nothing made me flinch.”

As mentioned in LitHub, Nicks could play the piano, which was particularly important for her songwriting. However, she rarely played instruments on the band’s studio-recorded albums. In the same memoir, Caillat described Nicks as a singer-songwriter “primarily” — “she wasn’t interested in the technical end of music.”

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