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Why Stevie Nicks Said Her Life Story Is ‘Every Little Girl’s Dream’

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Stevie Nicks has had an extraordinary life as one of the faces of Fleetwood Mac and she knows she is living her dream. Nicks once said she realized her story would be “every little girl’s dream.” Here’s what the singer has said about her life and if she’ll ever write a memoir.

Fleetwood Mac star Stevie Nicks has often said she’d like to write an autobiography. But instead of a memoir, the singer said she would publish her life story as a memoir because she lived a fairy tale.

“Well, I would write mine [memoir] more like a novel,” she told Us Magazine in 1990. “Because living my life, reading it – maybe not living it, but reading it – would be every little girl’s dream. I mean, I’ve dated all the big rock and roll stars, I’ve flown Learjets, I’ve had a fleet of eight limousines, I’ve rented 727 planes that cost $25,000 a day… and it’s glamorous . There’s no way around it. That part of it alone would blow people’s minds.”

She made her point by sharing one of the many compelling stories from her life. “Example: Someone once sent a tiny four-seat Learjet to pick me up — I was on my way and he was on my way,” Nicks said. “It picked me up after my show and flew to Atlanta. I stayed there for the day and his show, and then right after the show, this little cranberry red Learjet was sitting on the ground waiting for me.”

Not every fairy tale in Stevie Nicks’ life has been super glamorous. The Fleetwood Mac singer described another moment, which she felt was a “movie moment” because it was the second she knew her life was about to change forever.

It’s when Lindsey Buckingham and his friend Bob Geary picked her up to join her band Fritz.

“It was 1968, so the San Francisco music scene was amazing — Hendrix, Janis, that was it,” Nicks told Q Magazine in 2008. OK, cool, I can… I think.’ Because I play and write good little folk songs. So Bob Geary comes to my house and picks me up in a white van and I drive off, bye bye – and all I can say is that my life is about to change.”

She added: “It was an absolute movie moment. And the funny thing is, I lived in a condominium and so did Lindsey, so we get in the car and we drive down one street and then another, around the corner, and that’s it, we’re there. In the driveway of this big beautiful house, I hear all this music coming out of the garage. Inside, a full-fledged rock band is building and I’m like, ‘Wow, that’s the thing.’”

Stevie Nicks’ image is inseparable from whimsy and magic. She embraced her fairytale reputation and even played a witch American Horror Story.

Nicks said she knows she’s living in a dream world, but it’s not just because of her fame and success as a musician — she was just born that way.

“Well, I really kind of live in a world of dreams and fairy tales. I mean, my life is a fairy tale, that’s for sure,” Nicks said. “And I actually read fairy tales – Grimm’s fairy tales and Hans Christian Anderson – and a lot of my songs come from that kind of fairy tale genre, because of the reading that I do and because I was a little girl, I loved to dress up and I loved feathers in my hair and spraying dust on my face. You know, that’s something I was just born with.”

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