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‘Why she?’ Finale Theory: Who is Soo-jae’s secret witness and will betray Ha Il-ku Choi Tae-kook?

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The final episode of Why Her is titled This Is Her, which has fans wondering what Soo-jae has in store for the bad guys on the show

SPOILER WARNING: The article discusses key plot points from an ongoing K-drama.

The SBS drama Why Her? stars Seo Hyun-jin and Hwang In-yeop (Hwang In-youp). will air its final episode on July 23. The show’s penultimate episode aired on Friday, July 22, and although only one more episode aired, the courtroom K-drama held its #1 spot for its timeslot. Episode 14 of “Why Her?” achieved an average nationwide rating of 7.7% among key viewer demographics aged 20-49.

‘Why she?’ owes its success to the impeccable acting of Seo Hyun-jin, who plays the lead, Oh Soo-jae. The actress carried the show through its two-month run. Fans love the unwavering trust between Gong Chan (played by Hwang In-yeop) and Soo-jae and hope Chan has the ability to protect Soo-jae. She needs him to reveal his true identity to reveal Choi Tae-kook in episode 16 of “Why Her?”.

Fan theories on the finale of “Why Her?”

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The final episode of the show is titled “This is Her” and fans are sure the K-Drama finale will be all about Soo-jae and how she met TK law firm owner Choi Tae-kook and his bring woman down. Evil Trio” consisting of Congressman Lee In-soo and Hansu Bio director Han Seung-beom. The shocking turn of events in episode 15 left fans wondering how they talked about Soo-jae’s rule, which she taught the Seojung University students in the first few episodes of the series.

Soo-jae had told the law students that she loses the first trial on purpose to make her enemies think they cornered her, and then overpowers them in the second trial. It seems this is how Soo-jae’s disciplinary process will play out in episode 15. She was exposed as a lawbreaker in this episode, only to expose the entire scandal surrounding the “evil trio” Choi Joo-wan, Lee Si-hyuk and Han Dong-o, in the upcoming finale.

Fans are wondering if Baek Jin-ki’s daughter, Kang Eun-seo, will turn out to be Soo-jae’s wildcard witness. Ever since Tae-kook asked his secretary Ha Il-ku to atone for the deaths of Park Soo-young, Hong Seok-pal, Jeon Na-jung, as well as the rape of Kang Eun-seo, there has been a lot of attention paid to whether Il-ku will betray his master or not.

It’s possible that Tae-kook had Il-ku’s sick son killed to refocus on work, which Il-ku may have taken notice of, and he ended up coming to help Soo-jae. This theory is claimed by fans who saw Il-ku sitting behind Soo-jae’s lawyers in the final moments of Episode 15.

Episode 15 also showed Tae-kook not fully watching his office’s CCTV footage. It’s entirely possible that his younger son, Choi Yoon-sang, eventually broke into Tae-kook’s secret office and stole confidential documents that the law firm owner had kept as blackmail material. It looks like Soo-jae, with the help of Yoon-sang, was able to find Tae-kook and Park So-young’s photo, the photo that served as the turn-the-table moment for episode 15.

With her child’s death being her driving force those years ago, Soo-jae is even more determined to destroy Tae-kook after losing Jae-yi a second time. Fans hope that Jae-yi is indeed still alive and that Soo-jae is finally reunited with her daughter while making her happy with Chan forever.

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