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Why Jenna Ortega joined “Wednesday” even though she had “sworn off” television

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Jenna Ortega has been in the acting business since she was a child. Her career has led her to take on the infamous role of Wednesday Addams in Tim Burtons Wednesday Netflix series. The actor joins Lisa Loring and Christina Ricci in the live-action adaptation of the macabre teenager. But competing on Wednesday is a tough task with many complex details to get it right. After a breakthrough year in the film industry, Ortega explains why she joined Wednesday after a break from television.

While Ortega has risen to stardom in recent years, the actress has battled common stigma after starting at Disney. Ortega even considered quitting acting at one point after failing to shake off the childish image to pursue more serious roles.

In an interview with NYLON, Ortega explained that no one prepared her for the awkward phase of growing up as a child actress. “I was too old for the young roles and too young for the older roles. It was really frustrating…You gotta get that one job that moves the meter,” the actor explained.

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Before joining Disney, Ortega was known for her role as a young Jane Villanueva on the CW series Jane the maiden. In 2016 she landed a starring role as Harley Diaz in the Dinsey series Stuck in the middle. From then on, Ortega tried to shed her youthful image for more serious roles. While challenging, she found playing Ellie Alves in it You Season 2. But the thriller series was Ortega’s last major role on the small screen until then Wednesday.

Ortega had taken a little break and was concentrating on films. She had one of the most successful years of her career. She soon became well known in the horror genre The Babysitter: Killer Queen and blinded in as Tara Carpenter Scream. Ortega then played Skye Willow Studio 666. 2022, before accession WednesdayOrtega gained immense fame for her role as Lorraine Day in X. In an interview with Netflix Tudum, Ortega explains, “I don’t know what my face is about. But people always want to splatter blood on it.” But her bloody face also helped win her the role Wednesday.

According to Ortega, she had received a call from Burton asking to meet with her Wednesday. It seemed like a dream as the actor has been compared to the macabre teenager all her life. But why did Ortega agree to the audition? Wednesday after staring at tv series and settling on movies?

In her interview with Netflix Tudum, Ortega explains, “But when you’re approached with a character like this, a director like this, and a story like this, it’s very compelling. You don’t know when you’ll get the chance to do something like this again. I knew I just had to take it.”

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Working with Burton has been a fruitful experience for the aspiring 20-year-old actor. “[Tim] is really, really sweet guy and probably one of the most collaborative directors I’ve ever worked with,” Ortega said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “I feel like I learned a lot from him. I have never worked with someone so visionary and I appreciate that experience.”

During filming for the series, Ortega became concerned and lost her footing trying to play Perfect Wednesday. Amid her frustration, Burton allowed her to voice her concerns and became an ally in portraying the real Wednesday Addams. Ortega unknowingly stopped blinking while filming, causing Burton to fall in love with her Kubrick gaze.

The Netflix series has reached a milestone and has taken the first spot on Netflix’s top 10 list. Wednesday has hit stranger things Season 4 with over 350 million hours watched by fans. Ortega brings a new perspective to the macabre teenager as she solves mysteries at Nevermore.

So far, fans are divided on whether they love the series or feel like it’s not holding on to the franchise’s original charm. But the Wednesday Finale left some loose threads and cliffhangers for a second season. While Netflix hasn’t given the green light Wednesday In Season 2, Ortega has an idea of ​​what she wants for her character next. Ortega hopes she’ll solve more mysteries, but has an “anti-hero” path.

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