Saturday, June 25, 2022

Why is ‘RHODubai’ star Nina Ali called a ‘snake’? Fans say: “It’s always the quiet ones”

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Nina Ali is said to have called her ‘RHODubai’ co-star Caroline Stanbury ‘ghetto and trashy’ behind her back

‘Real Housewives of Dubai’ fans watched in awe as Caroline Stanbury and Chanel Ayan met horns in the pilot of the new Bravo show. The ladies got their claws out after Stanbury invited everyone but Chanel to their bachelorette party. This angered Chanel as she felt left out of the group, leading to an ugly argument over what Caroline said or didn’t say about the supermodel, while deciding not to invite her.

Nina Ali looked unhappily as her two friends argued at the dinner party she was throwing. Although the party ended with Chanel storming off in anger, discussion of the events that took place at the party continued to be a topic of discussion among the other housewives. Chanel’s best friend Lesa Milan was particularly unhappy with hostess Nina for not coming to Chanel’s aid during the fight. Caroline Brooks and Lesa explained in their confessionals that Nina had said many terrible things about Stanbury in the past. The housewife reportedly called the former ‘Ladies of London’ star ‘ghetto and trashy’. So the ladies had trouble understanding why Nina was suddenly being nice to Stanbury. Chanel felt the same way and confronted Nina about not supporting her, to which Nina responded by declaring that she would not side with anyone.


‘RHODubai’ fans sided with Chanel and felt Nina should choose sides rather than ‘flip flops’. One fan tweeted: “I feel for Ayan and totally understand what she is saying. Nobody wants to be told they are unimportant. That’s awful. Nina has known Ayan longer, she could have said something about Caroline Stanbury. #RHODubai. “RIGHT AYAN NINA IS A FLIP FLOPPER!! CALL HER OUT #RHODubai,” one fan wrote. “Nina pick a side that gives flip floppers #RHODubai,” echoed one fan.

Many fans also began giving Nina sideways stares and calling her a “snake” after learning she was talking about Stanbury behind her back while pretending to be her friend. One fan shared: “Aww shit. Nina may not be the snake of the group. #RHODubai.” “Nina talks smack??? It’s always the quiet ones. #rhodubai,” one fan pointed out. “Nina is the one to keep both eyes on #RHODubai,” added one fan. “So Nina is a backstabbing, two-sided game #rhodubai,” one fan remarked. “That Nina isn’t fake, Caroline Brooks is messy and that’s what I’m here for #RHODubai,” commented one fan.

Real Housewives of Dubai airs every Wednesday at 9:8c on Bravo and is also available to stream on Peacock.

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