Sunday, August 7, 2022

Why is Jang Gyuri leaving fromis_9? Heartbroken Fans Say ‘You Should Always Be Nine’

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Pledis Entertainment announced that July 31st will mark Jang Gyuri’s last day as a member of fromis_9

While it’s not unforeseen for K-pop idols to leave groups and begin their solo careers, fans of these idols are often heartbroken when they suddenly regroup into K-pop collectives. Be it Oh My Girls’ Jihyo or Apink’s Naeun or Le Sserafim’s Garam, 2022 has already seen many K-pop groups dropping active idols, all for different reasons. When an active group has certain members whose contracts with a label are expiring, those artists usually choose to sign with a new label.

In other cases, idols renew their deals with the former label while continuing their careers in the groups they made their idol debut with. But in certain cases, idols don’t have such a choice, and so does Pledis Entertainment’s girl group fromis_9, Jang Gyuri. On July 28, the Idol actress shocked fans by announcing that she was leaving girl group fromis_9 and that the nine-member girl group would be restructured into an eight-member collective.


fromis_9 to regroup as 8 members

Pledis Entertainment, the label that manages fromis_9’s activities, announced that the girl group is now being reorganized into an eight-member system, with all members except Gyuri (Gyu-ri) continuing their journey as part of the girl group. The label added that the active eight members of fromis_9 will soon meet fans with various activities in the second half of 2022 alongside a Japanese comeback. Pledis also reported that Gyuri, who was a part of fromis_9’s recent comeback album ‘From our Memento Box’, will soon stop her promotions starting later this month.

The label announced that July 31st will mark Gyuri’s last day as a member of fromis_9. In her statement on Jang Gyuri’s exit from the label, it was reported that Gyuri wanted to embark on a new path for the future. Back when the girl group had transitioned from Off the Record Entertainment (a subsidiary of their debut label Stone Music Entertainment) to Pledis Entertainment (a sub-label of HYBE), all other eight fromis_9 members had signed new contracts based on new terms with Pledis.

However, Gyuri was the only member of the girl group whose contract was based on the same terms signed with Off the Record Entertainment. Pledis Entertainment shared with fans that after a lengthy discussion with Gyuri about what was best for both the label and Gyuri, it was decided that it was best for the singer to break away from both the girl group and the band to separate labels. On the other hand, there is no possible confirmation about Gyuri’s future activities yet, but it is likely that she will sign to a new label in the coming days.

Fans share their disappointment at the sudden news of Gyuri’s departure from girl group fromis_9, which has always consisted of nine members. One fan said: “No, I won’t say goodbye, Gyuri is still with us and always will be. Until the day she eventually comes back here, sits down, puts a show live and says hello to float again. My love belongs to fromis_9 and will always be nine members of them.”

One fan said unequivocally, “Fromis_9 is nine.” Another fan said, “How can it be a group of eight…it’s fromis_9…NINE.” One fan said, “Fromis_9 not being nine is so heartbreaking.” One fan said: “This still feels like a dream, Gyuri has always been the one who worked the hardest from her debut of PD48 to her acting career and always did her best to promote fromis_9. Whatever her decision, Flover must support and respect her. We will always love you and fromis_9 will always be nine.”

‘fromis_9 will always be nine’

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