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Why is Adam Collard returning to Love Island? Bring back these legends instead

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With the 2018 islander ready to return to the show, here are the other former contestants we’d love to see strutting back into the villa

The move had its pros and cons, but it was a welcome change from a show that was long feeling old. This year, producers finally seemed to realize that fans were fed up with some aspects, and have updated other areas as well: the sponsor has switched from fast fashion to eBay, and the show has welcomed its first deaf contestant, Tasha Ghouri, who a uses visible cochlear implant.

those years island of love opened with a format reshuffle: instead of the usual initial selection process (where the girls line up while the boys stomp out one at a time, oiled up to an inch of their lives and pointing to whoever they want), the public was entrusted with the decision to mate the islanders based on vibrations alone.

Those little differences helped island of love move with the times, which is positive. But last night the show announced the best new twist of the year so far: one that honors the fact that it’s now a legacy that must keep offering audiences something new, but one that also promises a hitherto unseen mayhem to announce. On Monday night’s episode, a bomb will hit the mansion – only one person has been here before: it’s season four’s Adam Collard, who made his debut on the show in 2018.

island of love is now in its eighth season, so it’s about time some former contestants were reintroduced into the mix. As the UK’s biggest reality show island of love has produced some very famous alumni who over the years have developed the craft of being an islander into a beautiful art form.

Presumably most contestants know Collard, which adds a new dynamic to the proceedings, although he’s a slightly odd choice given how maligned his behavior was when he was on the show (women’s organizations said his on-screen actions versus Fellow candidate Rosie Williams were synonymous with gaslighting). Most likely, the now 26-year-old is after a little redemption arc, although his reintroduction has got me a little daydreaming: What other contestants would I like to see back on the show? A girl can dream…

no island of love The pair have ever offered viewers the electric chemistry of Chris ‘n’ Kem, the season 3 double who deserved to win the show together, even if they couldn’t actually pair up with each other (in fact, Kem did, alongside Amber Davies won). . Hughes in particular is responsible for my two favorites island of love Moments Ever: First, when he solemnly asked after an argument, “Does anyone want me to rap? Lightens the mood a bit,” and second, when he told his Villa partner Olivia Attwood to “sit back down,” after a fight, to which she replied, “I sat.” There’s no season of this show like that he couldn’t improve.

The only island of love Friendship that comes close to Chris and Kem for my money was Kaz and Liberty’s last season. Liberty deserves another chance on the show after her disastrous time with Jake Cornish, while Kaz, who has since split from Tyler Cruickshank – with whom she finished fourth – may be one of the best girls on the show ever, which of course is for the best sacred and sacred thing a person, let alone a island of love candidate, can be.

There’s probably no one I’ve ever seen more in a season island of love as Olivia Attwood. Attwood, who dated the aforementioned Chris Hughes throughout Season 3, is one of the quickest and deadliest contestants to ever appear on the show. It makes sense that she’s now a huge reality star herself — with her own show Olivia meets her counterpartabout her life with her footballer fiancé Bradley Dack – as well as a TV presenter who currently hosts ITV’s sex work documentary series get filthy rich. And while she’s engaged now, it would be a dream of mine to have her back for a week: she came, she saw, she invented the term thicksand. One in a million.

island of love‘s “Only Solo Winner” could step in again at any time. One particularly entertaining Instagram follower, Gill, who won season five with Greg O’Shea (who had entered the mansion near the end of the proceedings), started out unpopular with viewers but gradually rose to popularity after a rather damning betrayal of Casa Amor. Although I don’t see her ever setting foot in the mansion again (especially since she recently hinted that she’s no longer dating, which is known to be a “logistical difficulty” for her island of love), her pure charm made her a great one.

Season five, which also graced the villa with the likes of Molly-Mae Hague and Amy Hart, also brought us Anna Vakili and Maura Higgins, who are linked by the fact that they delivered two of the biggest male dressing-downs on the show It’s history. For her part, when Anna confronted Jordan Hames about how he had chatted about new girl India days after he made her his girlfriend, she pointed her sharpened acrylic nails at him, channeling the righteous anger of every woman in the country with the gesture. Maura, on the other hand, ripped a guy I only remember as “Tom” a new one for saying he’d see if she “spoke up” about her sexual prowess if they were chosen, one night in to spend hideaway. This year’s boys wouldn’t have the slightest hope of holding their own against any of them.

If only to see him salsa one more time while wearing feathers.

Saving the best for last, MBH is a Love Island legend for many reasons, but chief among them was her refusal to accept that this is a show where women’s desires should take second place to men’s. Going for what she wanted, she eventually bonded with Wes Nelson (with whom she later bought a hamster and then “consciously uncoupled”). While they finished fourth this year, Megan remains number one in my heart.

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