Sunday, August 7, 2022

Why Brad Pitt spoke to a former Bachelorette

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Stars from “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” are famous. But they are not ‘Brad Pitt’ famous. When former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay got the chance to interview Brad Pitt as part of her appearance on the TV show Extra, it was an exciting moment for fans.

Lindsay wore a cream colored vest with nothing underneath, her hair pulled back neatly in a ponytail. Pitt wore a light green jacket and pants with a dark green button-down shirt. The event was the Los Angeles premiere of Pitt’s new film Bullet Train, but much of the conversation centered on the 58-year-old’s laid-back demeanor.

Lindsay first mentioned the viral pitt-in-a-rock look the actor wore during the German premiere of Bullet Train. “Can you believe this went as viral as it did?” She asked. Pitt replied, “My policy is to remain blissfully naive.” Lindsay told Pitt that she would adopt that policy for herself.

“Put that on a t-shirt, pillow or something,” Lindsay quipped, “Happily naive, yes it works.” The new catchphrase popped up multiple times during the interview. For example, Lindsay praised Pitt for being very laid back and laid back. “It’s a very laid back Brad that we see here,” she explained, before asking the Fight Club star what he’s learned about himself in the three years since he’s been in a movie.

Pitt reiterated his “blissfully naive” philosophy, adding, “I just think … it’s going to be fine. Don’t sweat it… just let it go. The interview then switched to Pitt’s new home in Carmel and his daughter, Zahara, who was attending Spelman College, which apparently is where Lindsay’s sister was going too. Pitt seemed genuinely pleased with this tidbit of information.

As Bachelor Nation fans know, Rachel Lindsay was on season 21 of The Bachelor where she dated Nick Viall and went home in week nine. In season 13, she took on the lead role on The Bachelorette, where she was hailed as the first African American star on the hit ABC show. She got engaged on the show to Dr. Bryan Abasolo, and the two are still happily married today.

Lindsay posted photos from her interview with Brad Pitt to Instagram and fans went wild. Many of her Bachelor Nation peers also spoke out. Becca Tilly wrote: “I FREE OUT!!!!!” Kaitlyn Bristowe commented in her typical uncompromising manner: “I would be but with a pee stain on my pants. Wow!”

Fans were equally delighted. One wrote: “That was such a great interview! You were both so charming. I also loved that you just congratulated him with a short personal anecdote about Zahara instead of asking him like some other interviewers have.” Another fan commented, “You did it! Wow so cute and real! You have a lot of him natural and charming.”

“You shine. And I’m beaming secondhand because I’m looking at this,” noted another poster. Another Instagram user wrote: “You are such a natural at this. No wrong words and just have fun! I’m sure he loved that.” The comments section was also loaded with a bunch of “Get it girl!” Comments and questions about how Pitt smelled.

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