Thursday, December 22, 2022

Why aren’t Monique and Chris Samuels returning to Love & Marriage: DC? ‘RHOP’ Graduate Blames Show’s Poor Editing For Sudden Exit

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In the first season of Love & Marriage: DC, Monique Samuels feels that her portrayal as a nagging and ungrateful wife has been unfairly edited

POTOMAC, MARYLAND: Fans of Monique Samuels will see her less on TV, at least for now. The reality star and her husband Chris Samuels will not appear in the upcoming season of Love & Marriage: DC.

Fans of The Real Housewives of Potomac were delighted to see Monique Samuels return to reality television in the OWN spinoff, Love & Marriage: DC. However, Monique did not become a fan favorite. She is rumored to have left the show after a tough first season.


Love & Marriage: DC Season 2 is set to premiere in January 2023. The Samuels, Jamie and Erana Taylor, as well as DJ Quick Silva and his wife Ashley, were all followed in season one as they pursue their marriage, parenthood, friendships, and professional goals at various stages in their relationship. A teaser of the second season only shows the Taylors and Silvas. The Samuels are conspicuously absent. According to The Jasmine Brand, the Samuels’ absence is due to them not participating in the upcoming season.

“We were told they didn’t film for Season 2,” says the insider. Reportedly, the choice is entirely up to Monique and Chris. You’re not the only couple who have decided not to return to the series. Tasha and Neil Lyons appeared in Season 1 as show buddies. Tasha stated on Twitter that they will not be returning. “I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. This is not where God wanted me and my family to be,” JaysRealityBlog noted in a screenshot.

Before the second season was confirmed, PEOPLE Magazine claimed the Samuels were separated and on the verge of divorce. Monique ranted about Chris’ emotional absence during season one. She was also unhappy with his emotional growth, claiming he was stagnant and complacent and expecting her to do the hard work in their marriage. They answered the magazine’s scoop in a lengthy YouTube video. The couple stated that although they are separated and spending reasonable time together, they are not divorcing.

“We have multiple houses … we decided to spend a few nights apart while we were on our counseling trips,” Monique said, citing the benefits of their marriage. “We communicate much better than we have in a long time. We’re definitely still together, we haven’t given up on our marriage, we haven’t broken up and we don’t want to divorce. We’re just trying to get better.”

Aside from the couple focusing on their marriage, another reason they may not have returned is Monique’s frustration with the editing. She believes she was unjustly edited and portrayed as a nagging and ungrateful wife. “Somebody had to keep the show going. Coming as a reality TV veteran at this point, I get it. I feel like a lot of my context has been removed from the entire show. Every time there was a situation, you saw everyone else’s reactions to it. They’ve rarely seen mine, which I think would have given the situation a lot more clarity, but I understand,” she told The Jasmine Brand.

Love & Marriage: DC Season 2 is officially renewed for January 2023.

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