Thursday, December 2, 2021

Why are the cranberry sauce labels upside down?

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Happy Thanksgiving! If you run out of conversation starters for your family, friends, or cat while you’re relaxing from eating turkey, here’s one for you: Why are the cranberry sauce labels upside down?

It’s a long-standing mystery that resurfaced online in 2021 when shoppers noticed the labels were flipped on jellied cranberry sauce. The rounded edge, which is on the bottom of most cans, is on the top of Ocean Spray cans of Cranberry Sauce. Ocean Spray told CNN Business that the labeling process is strategic and by design. That makes the preparation easier, said the company spokesman.

If you looked for cranberry sauce at your grocery store this Thanksgiving and couldn’t find it, you were not alone. CNN Business reported that supply chain issues resulted in more retailers running out of supplies than usual.

Here’s what you need to know:

Ocean Spray’s cranberry sauce cans are “turned upside down and filled with the rounded edge at the top and the sharp, can-like edge at the bottom to keep the jelly whole,” a spokesman for Ocean Spray said, according to CNN Business.

An air bubble is created on the rounded side – the top – so that the person preparing the cranberry sauce “can use a knife to rub the edge of the can to break the vacuum and the stem can easily slide out,” the spokesman said. according to CNN business.

The spokesman told AdWeek that the cans are filled with the rounded edge on top because “there is an air bubble vacuum on the rounded side, which makes it easier to get the sauce out in one piece”.

The “head space” created during the filling process allows the cranberry sauce to come out slightly intact, the spokesman said.

AdWeek reported that Ocean Spray temporarily switched to a two-piece can in 2005, but the company received “significant feedback from consumers that they couldn’t get the sauce out on a log”.

“Ocean Spray doesn’t see this as a problem that needs to be solved – adding sauce this way creates space in the bottom of the can to minimize the vacuum effect caused by the bulk of the product,” the spokesman told AdWeek. “Without it, there would be a lot more frustrated customers who try to shake it or have to spoon it out.”

AdWeek reported that 76% of American consumers bought cranberry sauce for the holidays. But some had it on their list and couldn’t make the purchase, according to CNN Business.

“The sauce is 79% available at national retailers, up from 89% over the same period, according to IRI, a research firm that tracks US retail sales,” reported CNN Business.

Ocean Spray is a “farmer’s cooperative” which, in addition to selling cranberries, also produces cranberry sauce in bags. Ocean Spray told CNN Business that “Consumers may sometimes experience some availability issues with a variety of cranberry products due to supply chain issues,” but stated that they do not expect a “significant impact” on product availability. One can now be grateful for that.

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