Tuesday, January 24, 2023

‘Whoopi Goldberg can’t think’: The View host lashed out at bizarre defense of Joe Biden in docu-scandal

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NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Whoopi Goldberg is being slammed on social media for claiming on The View show President Joe Biden declassified all documents discovered over the past few months while he was vice president.

The panelists debated the credibility of the classified documents found at the President’s residence in Delaware. Goldberg stated on the show, “Presidents and vice presidents can release these, albeit not with their wits.” She continued, “I wish they would say all that while explaining what’s going on because when you say, you know, a ‘secret document,’ everyone’s like, ‘Oh my god, how can he do it dare to keep that? ‘”


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“Whoopi Goldberg can’t think”

She later claimed, “A top secret document poses a serious risk to national security. It’s a bad fact pattern for him,” she added. “I said last week, ‘I think we’re going to find more documents.’ At some point I think he’ll have to say, “Maybe there’s more. I’m opening up all the apartments I’ve been to to be searched, by cooperating doesn’t negate the fact that he was wrong about those in the first place.” .”

Another co-host, Sunny Hostin, chimed in the discussion, explaining, “Why isn’t the process either ironclad or they don’t know or they don’t understand?” she asked. “We both worked for the government, I could never take anything home from a grand jury’s classified section without either getting fired or someone killed.”

Whoopi then declared, “I’ll say that again. I think it’s really going to depend on what’s in those boxes, because if presidents actually have the ability to declassify things, then, you know, Obama says, ‘Yeah . We took care of that. We’ve lifted the secrecy.” The problem for me is I want to wait and get all the information and know what we’re talking about.”

The internet reacted quickly to Whoopi’s statement. One user said: “Can someone please inform that idiot Whoopi Goldberg that the President is the only one who can release documents. What an idiot.” Another added, “Here’s my 2. CAN’T STAND shortlist for today. I can’t stand Paul Ryan, Whoopi Goldberg, Dan Crenshaw and Bette Midler.” One user said, “I couldn’t believe nobody corrected them. But let’s play along. If Whoopi thinks a vice president could release documents — what would be the reason a president couldn’t do the same?” Another claimed, “Remember, you’re talking about Whoopi Goldberg, the world’s foremost authority on … absolutely nothing.”

One comment read: “Well technically he can release documents that he has classified. That’s it, Whoopi has lost his mind with her comments.” One user wrote, “What qualifies Whoopi to mow down anything about national security? Enough said!! Another wrote: “He can’t declassify Whoopi Goldberg. Nobody like you.” Meanwhile, one usage explained, “Whoopi has to stick to things she knows about. Classification levels and who can declassify what doesn’t fall within their sphere… “Sorry Whoopi, VPs can’t do that. Your setup theory was more plausible. Nice try,” read one comment. One user said, “Whoopi Goldberg can’t think.”

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