Friday, January 20, 2023

Who was Manuel Teran? 26-year-old Antifa protester fatally shot by police officers in Atlanta’s “Cop City”.

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ATLANTA, GEORGIA: Authorities on Thursday identified the person who was shot and killed by police as they cleared the site of a proposed public safety training center in the Atlanta area, dubbed “Cop City” by opponents. His name was Manuel Esteban Paez Teran.

During a violent raid on a protest camp and a community gathering space on Wednesday, police shot and murdered an activist who was trying to prevent the development of a massive police training complex called “Cop City” on about 100 acres of public woodland in southeast Atlanta.


THE FACES OF DOMESTIC TERROR: Five Antifa members face terrorism charges over the ‘Cop City’ protest

Who was Manuel Teran?

Antifa and other far-left extremists from the United States have occupied the site since June 2021 to stop the construction of the Cop City.

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI), a Georgia State Patrol soldier was seriously injured after being shot by a man who was camping nearby during the operation. Officers opened fire in retaliation, killing the suspect, who was reportedly armed with a pistol.

On Wednesday, Georgia Department of Public Safety Commissioner Col Chris Wright informed reporters from 11 Alive that the injured soldier underwent surgery and is currently in intensive care. He told state lawmakers at a budget meeting on Thursday that the soldier is still in intensive care and will undergo more surgeries tomorrow morning.

In a statement, the agency said in the press release that it would not release the name of the soldier involved in the shooting “because disclosure would jeopardize security against criminal or terrorist acts of retaliation.”

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