Saturday, November 27, 2021

Who is the owner of Claire? Scottish Deerhound makes history at the National Dog Show

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“Claire really believes in herself in her eyes and has great faith in her,” remarked her supervisor Angela Lloyd

A Scottish female Deerhound from Virginia named Claire made history at the 2021 National Dog Show after being named “Best in Show” as the first dog in two decades to receive the title. The popular event is hosted each year by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia, and Claire was also the winner of last year’s competition. “In 20 years of the National Dog Show, there has never been a repeat winner until tonight,” said commentator Mary Carillo of Claire, whose official name is GCH Foxcliffe Claire Randall Fraser.

The 4-year-old bitch also won a prize of US $ 20,000 with her victory dancing and skillful performance. Even more amazing, Claire’s grandmother preceded her performance in 2011 when she won the Best in Show title at the Westminster Dog Show. But Claire was the first doggo champion in her family to win the feat twice in a row. “She’s just at the height of her game,” remarked her supervisor Angela Lloyd.


Scottish Deerhounds like Claire are a large breed of dog that originally came from Scotland. They generally weigh between 75 and 110 pounds and can reach heights of up to 3 feet. However, they are less tall than Irish Wolfhounds, although their appearance is quite similar.

Claire is jointly owned by three pet parents. Besides Angela Lloyd, Cecilia Dove and Scott Dove are the other two owners of Claire. The beautiful dog triumphed against strong competitors like Chester the Affenpinscher, Mo’Ne the Kuvasz, MM the Lakeland Terrier, Jade the German Shorthaired Pointer, Sasha the Pyrenean Shepherd Dog and Winter the Bulldog.

“Claire, in her opinion, really believes in herself and has great faith in her. And if you look like her, don’t you? “Claire’s co-parent Lloyd said, adding,” She’s a year older and more confident. “

The Thanksgiving special, which has been watched by over a quarter of a billion people to date, aired on NBC on November 25th. This time it was organized at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pennsylvania.

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