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Who is Semeon Tesfamariam? The troubled criminal, 51, who once assaulted Olympian Kim Glass has a former LA SOCKET assistant prosecutor

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Former Los Angeles Assistant Attorney Irene Lee revealed in an interview that she was previously assaulted by the same man who assaulted Olympic athlete Kim Glass

Warning: This article contains visuals that may disturb some readers

LOS ANGELES: The troubled felon, who is accused of nearly blinding Olympian Kim Glass in Los Angeles on July 9, had previously attacked a prosecutor who accused woke officials of allowing the violence to be “entirely predictable and preventable”. In August 2020, Irene Lee was an assistant district attorney in Los Angeles when Semeon Tesfamariam attacked her during a coffee break.

“He just came up behind me and hit me. I felt like I was hit by a car or bike and I started stumbling forward and just kept crying,” she told KCAL9. Lee vividly remembers the attack. Lee was walking to a Starbucks with a co-worker in downtown LA when she was randomly assaulted. “I’m screaming in pain,” she said. “Cindy calls for help and a security guard pepper sprayed my attacker.”

Who is Semeon Tesfamariam?

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Tasfamariam, 52, had assaulted at least three other women before attacking Lee and Glass, according to court records. In 2018, he used a golf club and a hammer to stalk two women. According to court documents, in January 2020 he pleaded guilty to hitting a 19-year-old with a metal bar. Tasfamarean was given a suspended sentence. “Where he pursued a young woman with a metal pipe and beat her numerous times,” Lee told Fox News.

Sentencing her case, Lee asked the judge, the portal was told, “How many more women does this defendant have to hurt for it to matter?” “As a victim, speaking at the sentencing, I felt like I did it wasn’t heard,” Lee told KCAL9 of the judge, who was not identified in the reports. “The judge was fully aware of his history — even more privy than I was,” she pointed out. Lee urged the system to improve and watch for patterns after her attacker attacked another person six months after her release.

“He or other people like that are going to hurt more people,” Glass told KCAL 9. “He’s been let out enough now,” Glass requested a change after learning her attacker had a pattern of offenses. “Something has to change because what we are doing now is not okay,” she said. “This man has been fired multiple times. He did that to other people.”

“By the grace of God, Kim is alive and healing, but I just can’t imagine if he bashed her head in and she died,” she told CBS News. “It would just be another homicide in downtown LA, I think that’s totally preventable.” According to LA County Prosecutor George Gascón, the apparently homeless attacker was on parole at the time of the attack and was previously served in 2018 and 2019 arrested for assault.


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“This was a brutal, unprovoked attack,” Gascón said in a statement. “Mr. Tesfamariam has a disturbing history of apparently attacking people at random with dangerous weapons.” “His behavior seems to have escalated over time,” he continued. “We have asked the court to arrest him as a precautionary measure to protect the public. The court has approved this motion and he is currently being held without bail.”

Tesfamariam was due to be charged on Tuesday, July 19, but Gascón said doubts had been “raised” about his ability to stand trial. A hearing is scheduled for August 17.

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