Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Who is Nick? Kanye West’s new “wife,” Bianca Censori’s ex-boyfriend, says she wasn’t a rapper fan when they met

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BEVERLY HILLS, LOS ANGELES: Bianca Censori’s ex-boyfriend reacts to her alleged marriage to rapper-designer Kanye West. Kanye and Bianca reportedly tied the knot in a quiet ceremony in Beverly Hills last week. Bianca was an architectural designer for Yeezy and Kanye owns Yeezy.

The internet went crazy over the duo’s decision as the rapper went MIA following his divorce from ex-wife Kim Kardashian. Here’s what Bianca’s ex-boyfriend Nick has to say about that decision.


‘He’s obsessed’: Kanye West has been criticized for marrying ‘Kim Kardashian copy’ Bianca Censori

Bianca and Nick dated for six years in college and university but had known each other since they were teenagers. “Bianca and I dated for six years and have known each other since we were teenagers,” he said. “We went through a lot together through high school and college. We met as teenagers in the suburb of Ivanhoe [Melbourne] around the age of 14 in 2007 and started dating in 2014.”

He mentioned that Bianca wasn’t a huge fan of the rapper when she was in college and university. He also said that she was too big for Melbourne and he wasn’t surprised by her success and newfound fame in the US. “Bianca has always been taller than Melbourne and we both knew that,” he said. “One time we traveled to America and she told me that one day she would live there,” he added.

The duo split three years ago. The split “allowed us to grow both in relationships and in our careers,” he said. He also mentioned the fact that she was totally unaware of Kanye’s work and designs before traveling to Los Angeles for a job at Yeezy.

Despite their split, Nick said the duo had always been supportive of each other in Melbourne prior to lockdown and the split had nothing to do with the designer moving away. “The girl is extremely talented and took the plunge to pursue her dream of becoming a famous architect, which she achieved,” he said. “Of course I support them. When Bianca is happy, I’m happy for her. She has always supported my relationships. I wish them the best and hope it turns into a modern love story.” Both exes share mutual respect and both have moved on from their relationships. Nick is currently in a relationship and is focused on his career

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