Thursday, September 22, 2022

Who is Nayeon’s stalker Josh? Concerned TWICE fans say “Protect Nayeon” as “Sasaeng” announces he’s in South Korea

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JYP released a terse statement after fans grew concerned about Nayeon’s safety after her sasaeng arrived in South Korea and threatened to kill her

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Stalkers are one of the biggest threats to any K-pop idol in the K-pop industry and the term “sasaeng” is familiar to many of them. TWICE’s Nayeon also has an international “sasaeng” and it seems like his obsession with her has driven him to return to South Korea for her birthday. On September 22, YouTuber Josh posted a video on his Josh1994 channel. In the video, titled “Happy Birthday Nayeon!!” The sasaeng wished the idol a happy birthday and explained how he returned to South Korea to meet her and give her gifts on her birthday.

Nayeon has been stalked by this foreign stalker since 2019, and fans said Josh has been vocal about attacks on the TWICE member in the past. In 2021, the sasaeng reportedly tried to get in touch with Nayeon several times when he reportedly boarded the same flight as them to meet Nayeon. Not only that, but Josh threatened to kill her if she dated anyone other than him. Due to this threat from a sasaeng, fans started to worry about the TWICE singer’s safety and it seems like JYP Entertainment is taking action now.


JYP Entertainment releases a brief statement on Nayeon’s stalker

On Thursday, September 22nd, JYP Entertainment, the agency managing the activities of TWICE and Nayeon, released a short and sweet statement to reassure concerned fans. After Josh publicly revealed he was trying to get in touch with Nayeon, fans grew restless as they tried to alert the label and ask them to protect them. It appears the label has been notified and is taking action to protect the singer as they briefly commented on the issue.

According to a report by XSports News, Korea, JYP Entertainment responded to questions about Nayeon’s safety by saying, “We are discussing a response with the relevant department.” temporary injunction and a criminal complaint. After that, however, Josh returned to Germany. The agency said, “The request for a restraining order against the man who was stalking Nayeon has been withdrawn due to the off-duty situation. We will proceed again when the foreigner enters South Korea.”

Still, fans are worried about Nayeon. One fan said: “JYPE has to protect Nayeon because the stalker Josh landed in Korea and it’s her birthday and he’s probably targeting birthday projects or birthday coffee carts. What good is a restraining order if it never goes into effect???” Another fan said, “Twice Nayeon Stalker (Josh) video appears in my yt timeline. He’s in SK right now. Please protect Nayeon at all costs.” Another fan said, “F**k that Josh dude. I just saw the video and the way he moved his head and his hands to say that he was so proud and Nayeon must be so happy that he flew to surprise her as if he romantically good I really hope he tries something that will result in korean custom banning him.

Another fan asked, “How is it that Josh Mf is NOT locked up yet?” One fan explained, “Josh (the guy in the picture) is a stalker of Nayeon and threatens to kill her if she doesn’t date him .” Another fan said, “JOSH IS IN SOUTH KOREA AND PLANS TO FIND NAYEON. IF NAYEON REJECTS HIM, HE WILL KILL HER. Another fan said, “God I hate that Josh guy, get the fuck life off my baby to protect NAYEON.”

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